Eddie Hearn: Jake Paul is a ‘lump’Who will not go? ‘very far’


Eddie Hearn believes Jake Paul is a YouTuber who turned into a boxer. ‘big lump’Who isn’t destined to go? ‘very far’Boxing World

Paul is establishing himself in Boxing with his victories against Ben Askren, former UFC champion Nate Robinson and the latter with a massive second round knockout. He is well-known for his Youtube videos and recent wins, making him a popular figure in the sport.

But while Paul’s natural showmanship and charisma has seen him amongst the boxing headlines, the 25-year-old has frequently expressed his ambition to one day win a world championship. Hearn quickly dismissed his ambitions and stated that Paul would not move beyond the stage where he is now.

“I’m not getting involved in anymore Youtube boxing,”Hearn stated that Lad Bible TV. “Jake Paul is not really in YouTube boxing anymore, he is fighting properly.

“Not very far, about as far as he has got,” Hearn added when asked as to how far he could go. “But he’s a big lump, he can punch a little bit, and he has put in the time in the camps, so we’ll see.”

While Hearn is more regularly found front and centre of some of the biggest boxing bouts in the industry, the 42-year-old has previously dabbled in YouTuber boxing. He promoted and staged Logan Paul’s lucrative fight with British Youtube megastar KSI in 2019.

Is Jake Paul a ‘big lump’ who will not go ‘very far’ or can he establish himself as a potential boxing champion? Let us know in the comments section below

Paul has gone as far as he can go according to Hearn
Hearn states that Paul has gone as far and as far as possible.

He did also stage Jake Paul’s professional boxing debut, when he overcame YouTuber AnEsonGib in January 2020. Paul was widely predicted to face Tommy Fury at the squared circle.

Fury and Danial Bocianski were initially scheduled to fight in December. However, their Florida clash was cancelled after Fury suffered a broken rib. Fury did mention Youtuber Danial Bocianski after his recent win against him.

The Brit secured a points victory as part of the undercard on his half-brother’s victory over Dillian Whyte. His record was extended to an impressive 8-0 at Wembley Stadium.

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