Eddie Redmayne Didn’t Recognize Robert Pattinson After Batman Training


Robert PattinsonThe magic of’s fitness routine has enchanted everyone. Eddie Redmayne.

A recent visit to The Tonight Show?, Fantastic Beasts Actor, 40. Humorously Retell a storyRobert, 35 years old, was running into Robert at the gym when he realized he wasn’t his friend because of his intense training. Batman training. 

Eddie says that he first noticed the asymmetry while visiting the gym at five in the morning. “massive”A man with a high ponytail was a victim of the “doing the most extraordinary stunts I’ve ever seen with his stunt director.”  

“I walk in and this guy goes, ‘Hi.’ And I go, ‘Hi,'”He said it before adding, “Then I just sort of sit there watching him do these incredible things while I sort of weakly do a sit-up in the corner.” 

Eddie was getting ready to leave after completing his workout of the day when a man interrupted him. “This guy goes, ‘Bye, Eddie.’ And I look back it was Rob,”He stated. “He was so physically changed and he had a man bun. And what I had seen him do was so dumbfounding.”