Edward Norton: What happened? The Truth About Blacklisting Rumors


Edward NortonThe Founding Fathers of the ‘90s after making a major impression with his role as psychopathic altar boy Aaron Stampler in the 1996 thriller, Primal Fear. He went on to become one of the most well-regarded actors of his time, earning three Oscar nominations and appearing in classic films like Fight Club and American History X. But for more than a decade now, the actor has appeared in fewer movies and faced rumors that he’s been blacklisted from Hollywood because he’s difficult on set. Is Norton difficult to work with? Or is he taking a break? Here’s an investigation into what happened to Edward Norton.

His reputation for being difficult to work alongside

Rumors about Norton’s difficult behavior started in the early 2000s. According to the ObserverWhen the young actor got his breakthrough role in Primal FearHe signed a three-picture agreement with Paramount Pictures in 1995. When Primal Fear came out and Norton’s notoriety suddenly skyrocketed, he was inundated with movie offers and Paramount found it difficult to get him to honor his original commitment.

Norton continued to decline roles with Paramount, preferring films being produced at other studios. The actor even managed to negotiate his three-film deal with Paramount—the movie studio that helped launch his career—down to just one film. However, even that was not enough to convince Paramount to allow him to participate. He did appear in the Paramount film of 2003. The Italian JobHe was forced to consent to it after a lot of legal battles.

Reports also claimed that Norton clashed on the set with Tony Kaye, his director American History X. Kaye wrote this 2002 article. The GuardianHe revealed that Norton had seen the film, and he didn’t like it. So he used his star power, to convince the studio to let him cut his own version. That cut was what ended up making it into theaters, much to Kaye’s chagrin.

“The movie they put out was crammed with shots of everyone crying in each other’s arms,”The director wrote. “And, of course, Norton had generously given himself more screen time.”

Why Norton was Replaced as ‘The Hulk’

Perhaps the most famous reason for Norton’s difficult reputation is that he was not asked to return as The Hulk in the sequel to Marvel’s 2008 movie, The Incredible Hulk.Many believe it was because of a similar scenario to the one that occurred during the editing. American History X, Norton clashed avec the studioThe film’s cut should have been discussed. This led to the delay in the film’s release, which was not a happy moment for the studio.

Norton was initially disappointed when Norton learned that Mark Ruffalo would be playing the Hulk role. “It seems it won’t work out for me,”According to the, he posted it in a post on Facebook. Hollywood Reporter). “I sincerely hoped it could happen and be great for everyone, but it hasn’t turned out as we all hoped.”

The ex-Hulk made a change in his tune a few decades later. “My feeling was that I experimented and experienced what I wanted to,”Norton spoke about his role as The Hulk in the movie. NPR interview 2014. “I think you can sort of do anything once, but if you do it too many times, it can become a suit that’s hard to take off, in other peoples’ eyes.”

Hollywood Blacklisted Him?

While many people float the idea that Norton’s demanding behavior got him blacklisted from Hollywood, that’s probably not the case. The Moonrise Kingdom star has always been selective about choosing roles, and he has appeared in a handful of films over the past few years, including 2014’s Birdman (The Unexpected Virtues Of Ignorance) For which he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for Oscar. He’s also a favorite of Wes Anderson and has appeared in four of his films since 2010. Plus, he’s appearing in the mystery thriller Knives Out 2The release is scheduled for late 2022.

It’s also possible Norton’s priorities have changed now that he has a family. In 2012, he married Shauna Robertson, his long-term girlfriend, and a year later, he welcomed Atlas into the world. He has changed his ambitions since then.

“If you are lucky enough, [acting] leaves a lot of time to engage in other things,” In a 2015 interview, he stated that he had spoken with the Independent. “And if you are engaged in other things that are really compelling or interesting or challenging to a different part of your brain or your personality, paradoxically it raises the threshold that a piece of work has to meet to interest you and pull you away from all that other stuff. Whereas before my ambition was almost unilaterally focused on acting, it’s not anymore.”