Eggs are found in cooked chicken by man


One man was shocked to discover a bulging object in his chicken soup.

The TikTok user who goes by the name “Landonlailala”He made the surprising discovery while cooking with his dad on Friday, March 25.

He stated: “My dad cooked a chicken and found an egg still in its butthole.”

He grabs a fork, flips through a bowl of chicken pieces and shows one with a whole eggs wrapped in it.

The correct term is for the poultry. “butthole”Is “cloaca” — which is a cavity for reproduction.

The video was viewed more than 1.8 Million times in one week. Many viewers were shocked by the sighting.

The TikToker said his father cooked a chicken for soup and noticed a sizeable object inside the poultry
According to the TikToker, his father used to cook chicken soup. He noticed something large in the bird.

One of them said: “Well I’m never eating chicken again.”

“Nope, nope,”The second was written. “If I wasn’t vegetarian before, I am now.”

Some claimed that his father hadn’t. “properly cleaned”This suggests that the chicken might have had guts.

Others noticed the bright side of this video and commented that they liked it. “extra protein”For him.

“It’s like a reward, a two-in-one deal, but I’m never eating chicken again, thanks,”One viewer wrote.

“Freebie!”Another added.

Viewers were disgusted and said they'd rather go vegetarian after watching the video
Viewers were horrified and stated that they wanted to be vegetarian after seeing the video.

After a Lidl customer discovered an unwelcome surprise in her fruit and nuts bar, she decided to take it to Lidl.

Rebecca Miah, a south Londoner, purchased the orange and cacao snacks from the budget supermarket. She cut her throat after she had a few bites.

She found a piece of glass in her food and ate it as fast as she could.

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