Elana Meyers Taylor Is Most Decorated Black Athlete of Winter Olympics


“To be away from them at the most critical time when I need their support has been really difficult,” Taylor told USA Today, adding that she cried at least once every day while in isolation. “With all [Nico’s] disabilities, I didn’t know how he would be, being away from me.”

Nico was born prematurely by emergency C-section and was then diagnosed with hearing loss and Down syndrome.

“But he’s handling it like a champ,” Taylor continued. “He misses his mommy, of course. He misses his daddy. But he’s a trooper. He’s the greatest kid in the world.”

While in isolation, the family lived under strict COVID-19 safety restrictions. “Everything feels like it’s crumbling. You lose all sense of control,” Taylor told USA Today. “You can’t even open your door. You can’t choose what you want to eat. You can’t choose anything. You get all your control taken away from you.”

After she left isolation, Taylor suffered from brain fog, a common COVID-19 symptom. She told Yahoo! Sports it was “hard to even focus on bobsled,” adding, “I just couldn’t clear my head.”