Elderly Ukrainians Struggle for Crossing Bombed Bridge in Snowy Weather via Humanitarian Corridor


The humanitarian corridors set up by the International Red Cross were used to evacuate the first refugees from Northeastern Ukraine.    

They will add to the 2 million Ukrainians the United Nations says have fled the country so far — more than half of whom are children.

The exodus was made even more difficult by the bitter cold, snow, and constant Russian shelling.

While fleeing their Ukrainian village, elderly refugees made their way across a destroyed bridge. One woman was unable to walk and another was on a stretcher while the third was in a shopping cart.

A father who was separated from his wife and child was the scene that broke my heart. 

Tony Dokoupil (CBS Mornings anchor) told Inside Edition, from the Polish border, that there were new waves of refugees flooding into the country.

“We have an extraordinary situation on the Poland-Ukraine border—women and children streaming over by the thousands,”Dokoupil.

Dokoupil, father of four, is deeply affected by the children’s dire situation.

“It is a very, very difficult situation to witness and even worse — magnitudes worse — if you can imagine it, for the people experiencing it first hand,”Dokoupil.

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