Elisha Cuthbert Recalls Feeling “Pressured”Take a photo of yourself in sex


Elisha CuthbertThe curtain is being pulled back.

Looking back at a time earlier in her career The CellarActress shared this when she was asked to cover hyper-sexualized magazine. “There was really no option back then.”

“We kinda ended up in a space at the time where that was really happening,”She made this observation during the Aug. 22, episode of The. Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson podcast. “Halle Berry was doing it, for God’s sake. Jennifer Aniston was doing it.”

Looking back at the photoshoots “the [film] studio wanted you to do,”She continued, “We were probably too young to be being subjected to that and feeling pressured to do that.”

And while years have passed, Elisha—who is mom to daughter ZaphireThe 4-, 6- and 6-month-old sons Fable—noted that those photos haven’t exactly disappeared.

“This is what I have to explain to my kids,”Elisha stated. “This weird, bizarre outfit and hair extensions. And you know what’s so crazy? I don’t even know how much of those pictures are even accurate as far as, like, airbrushing.”

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