Elizabeth Holmes Podcast is Inspired by a Journalist Amanda Seyfried’s Acting


Podcast created by the journalist who inspired it HuluSeries “The Dropout” says Amanda Seyfried nailed the role of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes — and not just with her signature, deep voice.

“I am blown away by what Amanda Seyfried did with this role. Everyone expects the voice. You have to get the voice right to get this part right. But it goes beyond that — it’s the mannerisms,”Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News’ chief business correspondent, stated. 

Jarvis, who covered Holmes’ fraud trial, also spoke to Seyfried about the role.

“I listened to the deposition tapes over and over and over again,”Seyfried stated.

Two months ago, Holmes was convicted of defrauding investors with wild claims that her company’s blood-testing technology would revolutionize the medical world. She could spend as much as 20 years in prison.

Jarvis states that Holmes is “very much living life” post-conviction.

“We’ve seen her out for a walk with her partner Billy Evans. They live on a beautiful estate in the Silicon valley area of California,”Jarvis said.

Jarvis will also host a 20/20 special about Holmes, which airs Friday night at ABC and begins streaming on Hulu Saturday.

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