Elizabeth Taylor’s Ten Grandchildren Keep Her Artistic Talent and Passion for Activism Going.


Elizabeth Taylor couldn’t take a breath without having it documented by the burgeoning gossip press. Taylor was a star in Hollywood for decades and knew it. Taylor refused to compromise and she did not ever try to please everyone. This was also true for her tireless efforts to bring about tangible social change.

Taylor’s advocacy work enabled her to transform the media attention that was relentless into something positive. Her second phase was driven by a fierce dedication to activism. She became a powerful advocate for AIDS and HIV awareness in the early ’80s. She co-founded The National AIDS Research FoundationShe was dedicated to her advocacy work right up until her death in 2011. Taylor left behind a powerful legacy that’s since inspired her grandchildren to follow in her footsteps.

Laela Wildling

Born in 1971, Laela Wilding is the eldest child of Michael Wilding Jr., Taylor’s eldest son by her second husband, Michael Wilding. She was a graphic designer and found her passion in advocacy. She’s said that, as a child, she didn’t see Taylor as the legend she is today. She was just Grandma back then.


“We didn’t experience her as a movie star,” She shared her story Town & Country. “She became impassioned about activism, and I can’t think of anything more inspiring than our grandmother’s compassion and determination for other people.” After her grandmother’s death in 2011, Laela felt a calling to help carry Taylor’s massive legacy. “When she was alive, her foundation was such that she didn’t really need our help,”She agreed. “It wasn’t until she passed away that there came a need for people to carry on what she had started.”

Neben her work with Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, (ETAF), Laela also serves as a director at Our House of Portland. It provides vital resources for HIV-positive people living in Portland, Oregon. Laela said that Taylor would be proud of her. “be disappointed that there hasn’t been greater progress,”Her grandmother, who spoke out about the stigma that prevents HIV-positive people seeking treatment, deserves a lot of credit.

Naomi deLuce Wilding

Born in 1976, Naomi is the second oldest of Michael Wilding Jr.’s children and a dedicated philanthropist as well. She moved to Los Angeles in 2000 from West Wales, where she grew up. She’s since found success as a fashion stylist and, later in her career, as the fashion director at Issue magazine. However, Taylor’s strong values have guided Naomi to always have a hand in activism and philanthropy.

Naomi shared fond memories with Taylor in her childhood. “I remember sitting on the floor of her dressing room and just watching her get ready—just watch this sort of transformation unfold,”She recalled. “Just because somebody is a superstar doesn’t also mean that they can’t be a loving, squishy, delicious grandma who was always welcoming us in.”Taylor was determined to instill strong values among her grandchildren.

“She had an idea that she was responsible for raising the younger generations in the family, you know,” NaomiSubmitted Today Her grandmother. “It was important to her that she instilled those values in us too.” In addition to her ambassador work at the ETAF, she’s pursued her own avenue of advocacy work. Anthony Cran, her husband opened Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles Arts District in 2014. Naomi can support social causes by donating to the gallery and arts education programming.

Quinn Tivey

Quinn was born in 1986 to Liza Todd, Taylor’s only child with her third husband, Mike Todd. He has a background in film and television production as well as a master’s degree in visual arts. He’s also taken an active role in Taylor’s foundation, serving as both a leading officer and an ambassador. However, that isn’t the only way he serves his grandmother’s memory. At Taylor’s request, Quinn became the co-trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor Trust.

Quinn wrote this last year. People More ETAF’s “HIV Is Not A Crime”InitiativeThe aims to eliminate discriminatory laws that cause thousands of HIV-positive people to be imprisoned. “These unjust laws are fostering stigma and discrimination and act as barriers to progress,”He wrote. “Grandma would have been incredibly proud of the work being done through the ‘HIV Is Not A Crime’ initiative. Grandma stood up for what she believed in, living boldly and courageously.”

After he heard testimonies from the people Taylor’s work impacted, he decided to Take a greater active part in the foundation’s work. “Hearing from people personally about how the work that she had done touched so many people, my cousin and I were both so moved,”Quinn expressed. “I immediately thought, I need to get more involved. I want to dive into the deep end of this. Through that experience, we had the opportunity to see how crucial it was for her family to be participating in her legacy.”

Elizabeth Carson

Named after her legendary grandmother, Elizabeth Carson is the daughter of Maria Burton, Taylor’s adoptive daughter with her fifth husband, Richard Burton. Elizabeth was close to her grandmother through her childhood. She even lived with her for a time. While her grandmother’s timeless glamour left an indelible impression on Elizabeth, it was the icon’s humanitarian work that had the greatest impact on her life.

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Interview with Town & CountryCarson recalled how Taylor helped Taylor get ready for her prom at high school. “For my Junior and Senior Prom, she did my hair and makeup,”She said. “Once, while we were discussing makeup, I told her we should go to Sephora, which turned out to be a terrible idea. We had fun for the first 15 minutes, but then she was recognized, and we quickly had to be escorted out.”

Inspired by Taylor’s unwavering dedication to what’s right, Elizabeth pursued a career in social work. She is now a social worker for the Department of Child Protection, Manhattan, and also serves as an ambassador for ETAF. Elizabeth is a social worker who has been described as: seeing the full effect of her grandmother’s workTo ensure rights and treatment for HIV-positive people “Whenever I hear of a baby born from an HIV+ mother test negative because of advancements in medication and prevention, I am literally brought to tears,”She was the one who wrote the ETAF website.

Rhys Tivey

Rhys Tivey was born to Liza Todd in 1991. He was immediately drawn to the arts as a child. Rhys was raised on a small horse farm upstate New York. After high school, he moved to New York City to study Jazz performance for his Bachelor of Music. Rhys is a trumpeter and vocalist as well as a songwriter. His musical talent was used to help the community. He’s taught music and yoga at public schools in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx through nonprofit groups like MIMA Music and the East Side House Settlement. He’s currently working as a vocal coach, offering online lessons through his website Voice Brave.

His website states that he has worked with organizations fighting climate change and even volunteer for Citizens Climate Lobby. He’s also championed his grandmother’s legacy by becoming an ambassador for ETAF, joining his cousins in the fight to preserve Taylor’s legacy. “My grandmother wanted to go right for the jugular of the problem,”Taylor was once a quote from him. “She always wanted to do the hardest and most unlikely thing first.” It’s these principles that have guided his own contributions to the organization.

Tarquin Wilding

Tarquin, Michael Wilding Jr.’s third and youngest child, was born in 1989. As an actor and aspiring filmmaker, Tarquin was no doubt influenced by his grandmother’s prodigious career. “My grandmother was a total badass! I can’t help but be inspired by her unbreakable courage, and boundless generosity,”He Commented on the ETAF Website. He’s also spoken at length about how honored he feels to be able to participate in such an important organization.

“I often think about how lucky I am to have been born into a group of such wacky, caring, sensitive people,”He said. “We admire my grandmother for her boundless generosity, and I believe that we all feel grateful to be able to honor and continue her legacy. Especially together.”Like many of his cousins Tarquin is an ambassador for ETAF.

Lowell Wilding

Lowell Wilding was born in 1991 to Christopher Wilding, Taylor’s second child with Michael Wilding. Like his cousins, Wilding stepped up after Taylor’s death in 2011 to help preserve not only her philanthropic legacy but her personal and professional ones as well. Lowell was also an ambassador and helped compile the Elizabeth Taylor Archive.

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“I was always in total awe of the good my grandmother was able to accomplish in her lifetime,” Lowell I wrote this for the ETAF website. “She could so easily have done nothing, like so many others. Instead, she fought, she cared, and she worked for people suffering from HIV/AIDS. I hope to do whatever I can to preserve and continue that legacy.”

Caleb Wilding

Caleb was born in 1983 by Christopher Wilding, and Aileen, who are both women with interesting family backgrounds. Getty was born to J. Paul Getty (an oil tycoon and once the richest man on the planet). Getty’s brother, Mark Getty, co-founded Getty Images. Entrenched in high society from a young age, philanthropy and patronage of the arts were values upheld by Getty’s entire family, similar to that of Elizabeth Taylor.

Caleb’s mother was actually diagnosed as HIV positive, inspiring her to add HIV and AIDS awareness to her long list of philanthropic pursuits as well. The Aileen Getty Foundation offers a holistic approach to activism with branches supporting climate activism, animals’ rights, and community support. Caleb’s involvement in his family’s various organizations isn’t well documented, however, he has been photographed attending charity events with his mother. Caleb himself prefers to stay out of the limelight and isn’t known to speak publicly, but he does make the occasional public appearance in solidarity with his family.

Andrew Wilding

Andrew Wilding was born in 1984. He is the only biological child Christopher Wilding and Aileen Geetty. Andrew, like his grandmother, was attracted to the filmmaking business. His credits include directing, cinematography and producing as well as acting and composing. IMDb page. His personal life is still somewhat mysterious. Andrew is like Caleb his brother. He prefers to stay out of the limelight.

However, his childhood was undoubtedly touched by his mother’s diagnosis with HIV. Interview with him in 1996 POZGetty published AIDS Magazine for those affected by HIV and AIDS. She was honest with her children right from the beginning. She said that Elizabeth Taylor was her second mother after Christopher’s eight-year marriage ended. Getty’s struggle with HIV only strengthened Taylor’s resolve in her advocacy. Like Caleb, some of Andrew’s only public appearances are in solidarity with his mother’s philanthropic work.

Richard McKeown

Born sometime in the early ’00s, Richard McKeown is Elizabeth Taylor’s youngest grandchild. He’s the youngest child of Maria Burton, and he’s named after his famous grandfather. His life, likely due to his young age, is the biggest mystery of Taylor’s grandchildren. The only news available about Richard is about his parent’s brutal custody battle in 2004.

Burton reportedly filed a restraining order against Richard’s father, Tom McKeown, and was seeking full custody. WalesOnlineAccording to reports, Elizabeth Taylor herself was a pillar in Burton’s effortsMcKeown to free herself from her marriage. The tabloids grossly heralded tantalizing stories about McKeown’s alleged plans to murder Taylor, Burton, and his then-3-year-old son, but the shocking rumors were completely unsubstantiated. It remains to be seen if Richard has plans to follow in his famous grandmother and grandfather’s footsteps, or if he will favor a quiet life like many of his cousins.

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