Elle Fanning Rocks the Most Unusual Top On The Red Carpet. We Can’t Wait To See It!


Elle FanningAlthough Fanning is known for her unconventional fashion choices, she managed to amaze fans with this latest look. We can’t keep our eyes off this unconventional top which gives Fanning an unexpectedly funky air that totally fits the gorgeous blonde’s otherworldly looks.

‘The Great’ Star Elle Fanning Rocks Chain Top

At the 2021 InStyle Awards, the star wore a crop top that looked like a large gold chain. Balmain created the top for their spring/summer 2020 collection. It has large jewels on its front and a thin, gold chain at its back. 

The Maleficent The actress paired the top with a maxi skirt and platform heels. She also wore a variety of gold Balmain rings. Samantha McMillen, Fanning’s longtime stylist, helped to put together the look. 

While the Balmain croptop is stunning, many people are curious about the practicalities of wearing a large chain of gold as a shirt. It is comfortable. What’s the undergarment situation like? How heavy is it? Is it made of metal or plastic? 

Take a look at the daring look below

Fanning hasn’t given any details about what wearing the clothing item was like, so for now, we’ll just enjoy looking at the red carpet pics of her latest sartorial triumph. 

New Season The Great: ‘Nothing’s Off Limits’

The actress is currently promoting the second season of Hulu’s The GreatFanning portrays Catherine the Great on the film “Fanning in Love”. Nicholas Hoult stars as Peter. The second season promises to be just as naughty and raunchy as the first. Fanning Saying, “Nothing’s off limits.”

“There were a couple of moments this season that I really never would have suspected,”Hoult also contributed. “There’s some really great ones this season.”

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