Ellen DeGeneres Slammed For ‘Cash Grab’Anonymous Insiders: Skincare line despite $370M Net Worth


Did Ellen DeGeneresCreate a skincare brand to make quick cash. One tabloid claims DeGeneres’ new business was extremely misguided, given her recent scandals. Here’s what we know.

Ellen DeGeneres Makes Major ‘Beauty Blunder’?

The latest edition Life & Style reports the launch of Ellen DeGeneres’ new skincare line wasn’t well-received. A few weeks back, Ellen DeGeneres announced enthusiastically that she had launched a new skincare line called Kind Science. The name was quickly pointed out by the public as ironic. “Honestly, it sounded like a joke at first,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “And a tone-deaf one at that.”

After former employees accused her of leading a toxic work environment, DeGeneres has been perceived as unkind by the public. While DeGeneres has adamantly apologized and worked hard to salvage her reputation, fans aren’t quite ready to buy her new brand. “The reaction to her beauty brand hasn’t been, well, kind,”A tipper is trustworthy. “People are calling it a quick cash grab by someone who’s worth $370 million and doesn’t need any more money in their bank account.”

Ellen DeGeneres Getting ‘Bad Press’Do You Want to Retire?

As the tabloid said, DeGeneres doesn’t need the money. Knowing that, it’s unclear how this new brand is a cash grab. It will make her money. Sure, but we’re certain the profits will pale in comparison to what she already has. So why does she do it? Well, according to and her co-founder, Victoria Jackson, as they get older, they’re tired of being told makeup is the only way to look good.

“I think it’s important for the industry. When women are getting older, they think to put more and more makeup on their faces as somehow they’re going to look younger. As you age, you still want to look great, but [we’re about] changing some of those misconceptions,”Jackson said. DeGeneres and Jackson seem to believe in the products. We doubt that they created them as quick cash grabs. Even if it was, it certainly doesn’t seem like DeGeneres has been at all impacted by the latest wave of criticism. She Just had the Duchess SussexOn her show, the negativity seems quite minimal.

The Tabloid About Ellen DeGeneres

This isn’t the first time Life & Style DeGeneres has received some poor coverage. The magazine reported last year that DeGeneres had quit her show to have a child with her husband. Then the outlet alleged DeGeneres’ marriage was falling apart since she couldn’t contain her jealousy over her wife’s business ventures. Obviously, Life & Style isn’t a reliable source when it comes to Ellen DeGeneres.

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