Ellen DeGeneres Supposedly Planned A Trip To Avoid End of ‘Rocky Marriage’, Dubious Insider Claims


It is Ellen DeGeneres She is desperate to save her marriage. Portia de Rossi? According to one tabloid, the talk-show host had planned a romantic getaway to revive her marriage. Let’s check back in on the famous couple.

Ellen DeGeneres Wants To ‘Leave The Drama Behind’?

In May last year, Heat According to reports, Ellen DeGeneres was on the verge of divorcing Portia De Rossi. According to the article, as DeGeneres faced the end of her talk show, she wanted to turn her attention to saving her marriage—and gorillas. DeGeneres recently spoke out about how she would like to increase her efforts at the Rwandan gorilla sanctuary. But according to the outlet’s sources, she was also planning to reignite the spark she and de Rossi had lost in their 14 years of marriage.

“[DeGeneres is] hoping this trip will help fix their rocky marriage. The two had a great time on their last trip, and they hope to reconnect away from all the stress of the show,”The tipster made the dish. “There’s a gentle and sincere side to Ellen—it’s who Portia fell in love with, and who she’s hoping to find again in Africa.”

Ellen DeGeneres Is Trying To Save Her ‘Rocky Marriage’?

We have a few layers to our answer to this article. First of all, the outlet didn’t provide any kind of exclusive insight with this article. Last May DeGeneres spoke The Hollywood ReporterThat she intended to travel to Africa in order to establish her educational campus devoted to conserving the gorilla population. The answer is no. Heat wasn’t wrong, but it also wasn’t breaking any kind of significant news.

As for the magazine’s claim that DeGeneres would be trying to save her marriage with the trip, we’re calling foul. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest DeGeneres and de Rossi’s marriage is or was ever on the rocks. The outlet cleverly forgets to mention that the Rwandan Gorilla Sanctuary was a gift. Starting at de Rossi.

Before they travel to Rwanda, DeGeneres & de Rossi arrived in MoroccoFor a romantic getaway. While we admit that everyone needs a break from time to time, we just aren’t seeing a marriage that’s in need of saving.

The Tabloids on Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

This is far from the first time we’ve called out a magazine for inventing turmoil for DeGeneres and de Rossi. The earlier this year, Globe According to some reports, DeGeneres was ordered by Rossi “get help”They struggled to maintain their marriage. And Woman’s Day even claimed the couple nearly divorced when the comedian’s toxic workplace scandal broke. Obviously, none of these publications has the couple’s best interests in mind.

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