Ellen Greenberg’s death, teacher stabbed 20 times in case of Suicide. Now, Reexamined after 11 years


More than a decade later, the case of a Pennsylvania schoolteacher who was found dead from 20 stab wounds is being reopened.  

Ellen Greenberg’s family has denied any possibility that she could kill herself. The 27-year-old educator was about to be married when her fiancé told police he came home from the gym to find her lying in their Philadelphia apartment on Jan. 26, 2011 

Her fiancé, Sam Goldberg, told the 911 operator he thought she may have slipped and hit her head, and audio recording of the call captured the moment he discovered she had been stabbed.  

“Her shirt won’t come off, it’s a zipper. Oh, my God, she stabbed herself,”He said.  

Greenburg was stabbed twenty times, 10 in her neck, once in scalp, eight in the chest, and one in the abdomen.  

Initial, the death of her mother was considered homicide. Later, it was changed to suicide. Her parents fought for this ruling for the past 11 years.  

Sandee Greenberg, Josh Greenberg, even commissioned images to show how unlikely it was that their 27 year-old daughter could stabbing herself that many times.  

“The authorities trying to make us believe that our daughter committed suicide when she didn’t is just reprehensible to me,”Sandee Greenberg shared Inside Edition.  

Prosecutors now agree to review the case.  

“We hope so,” Josh Greenberg said of the chance that this will bring about developments in his daughter’s case. “We’re not gonna let this go.”