Ellen Pompeo Allegedly Quits ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ After ‘Toxic’ Allegations, Suspicious Source Claims


It is Ellen PompeoLeave Grey’s AnatomyFor good? According to one report, the show is toxic and she doesn’t want any part of it. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Pompeo Takes a Powder!’

According to the National Enquirer, Pompeo is planning to quit the show because it’s a toxic environment to be in. Isaiah Washington, a former cast member spoke out about the toxic environment Patrick Dempsey created before his exit. Washington was expelled from the show for using homophobic language against gay castmate T. R. Knight. However, he now claims that he was actually fired because Dempsey made a big deal of it.

“Ellen is feeling eyes burning holes in her back,”According to a source. Pompeo believes she “could have done more to protect her co-stars and now she’s convinced she needs to get out before more unpleasant details are revealed and she’ll be painted as the bad guy,”The source concludes.

What’s Next For Ellen Pompeo

The whole angle of this story doesn’t really make any sense. Washington, a QAnon member, was dismissed for repeatedly using the F slur on set. However, he now claims that he was only fired as part of an overall agenda. Dempsey should be covered. Washington now states that the slur was not directed at Knight, but Dempsey.

Now, one could argue that using this language at all would be enough reason to let someone go, but Washington doesn’t see it that way. He said he was “used as a scapegoat”Pompeo was paid for her silence. Pompeo has not addressed Washington’s recent allegations, nor does she have any reason to.

The story makes Pompeo out to be a toxic person, but she’s not the one hurling homophobic slurs around. It looks like she was supporting her co-stars Knight, Dempsey, and not Washington. Dempsey was welcomed back by her. Grey’s AnatomyIt was clear that there weren’t any issues last year.

The Get in touch only tells one version of events, Washington’s version, in an attempt to paint Pompeo as the bad guy. How would you stop stories coming out? These allegations tend to flood in waves. There’s no sign that Pompeo plans to leave Grey’s AnatomyThis story is totally false and will not be repeated anytime soon.

Other Bogus Stories

The Get in touch doesn’t know anything about Pompeo’s life or her plans. Although she claimed to be furious at Dempsey for her return to the show, all accounts tell that she had a wonderful experience. It also ran an absurd story about Pompeo being between Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi. That’s just absurd, and it came to nothing.

Toxic workplaces have become a staple of tabloid news. Tamron Hill is accused of displaying toxic behavior. Part of DeGeneres’ legacy could be a whole new tabloid trope. Pompeo’s not sweating this story, so it should be disregarded.

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