Elon Musk Offers Theory About His Daughter Vivian’s Estrangement


Elon MuskBelieves he knows the truth about his daughter’s death Vivian cutting ties with him.

According to Financial Times, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO—who has fathered 10 children—alleges that the 18-year-old no longer wants to be associated with him because of the supposed takeover of elite schools and university by neo-Marxists. 

“It’s full-on communism and a general sentiment that if you’re rich, you’re evil,” Elon told the U.K. newspaper in comments posted Oct. 7. “It [the relationship]This could change but I have great relationships with all my coworkers [children].

He said, “Can’t win them all.”

Elon shared his theory of the universe with Financial TimesVivian was granted permission to legally change her gender and name by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge four months later. Xavier Alexander MuskTo Vivian Jenna Wilson, per documents obtained by E! News.

In her initial petition—which was filed in mid-April—Vivian made it clear she was estranged from her dad, declaring, “I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form.”

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