Elon Musk Subpoenas Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey


Jack DorseyIt has been received.

As the lawsuit between Elon MuskTwitter is set to go on trial in Delaware Oct. 17. According to court documents obtained by E! News.

Musk tried to cancel the $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter back in April. E! News, Twitter claims Musk has claimed that he has used an alleged breach in information-sharing, incorrect representation of data, and the firings of employees to justify his decision to withdraw from the deal.

Twitter claimed that Musk’s accusations have no merit. It seems instead that Musk is trying to renegotiate the agreement out of regret for his purchase.

Musk declared in July that he no longer wanted to buy the social media platform. Musk’s lawyer at the time was not available for comment. Mike RinglerSend it A letterTwitter’s board declared that Twitter “refused to provide”Information on how many bots were using this website.

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