Elon Musk’s anti-congestion tunnel is mocked in viral video showing traffic jamming inside


Elon Musk was mocked after a tunnel was shown inside that was supposed to reduce traffic.

Video footage from the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop shows frustrated motorists trying to get into a high-tech event.

The venue for 2022 CES expo in Chicago is home to the 1.7-mile structure built by the billionaire’s Boring company. “the most influential tech event in the world”.

It was opened in June 2021 and implemented a model Musk praised as the solution for traffic congestion in major cities around the world.

An embarrassing clip shows a jam inside Elon Musk's supposedly traffic-busting tunnel
A clip of Elon Musk’s tunnel for traffic management shows a jam.

Tesla cars transport people from “stations” on the surface to drop them off at the other side.

MashableWrites that traffic reports are particularly embarrassing this year because the annual CES event is less attended than usual due in part to concerns over Omicron cases in the United States.

Photographs taken inside show the exhibition hall nearly empty, with only a handful of people visiting the stalls representing major electronic brands.

The billionaire announced a series of tunnels in 2016 that would allow motorists to speed through at 100mph
In 2016, the billionaire proposed a series tunnels that motorists could speed through at 100 mph.

You can hear one driver asking for help in the jam footage. “So is there often a lot of traffic here?”

Internet users expressed concern following the discovery that there was no emergency exit in the tunnel.

The Boring Company trains drivers to go to the next station, if necessary. Drivers are advised to get out of the tunnel if a car is involved in a crash that causes a blockage.

One person made fun of Twitter: “Can’t wait for the great Tesla tunnel fire of January 2022”

Elon Musk had plans for underground tunnels to be built in Las Vegas, which would allow cars to travel at speeds of over 100 mph. However, only one tunnel has been constructed.

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