Elton John Allegedly in ‘First Ever’David Furnish and Serious Fight with Husband Over Health Scare, Rumor Says


Are You Elton John David Furnish fighting? According to one report, the happy couple is starting to squabble. Gossip Cop investigates.

Elton John ‘Butting Heads’With His Husband

According to Neue IdeaJohn, Furnish, and John are not on the same page. John, despite recent hip surgery, is still preparing for his 2023 tour. While John insists he’s “doing so well,”Furnish appears to have a different opinion. A source says, “Elton’s no spring chicken, and strutting around on stage after such a simple fall cause so much damage is worrying to David.”

John doesn’t see it that way. “Elton doesn’t want to let down his fans,” a source reveals. After eight years of marriage, this is the couple’s first serious spat.

What’s Going On With Elton John?

It’s pretty rare to find a heartwarming tabloid story. This tabloid story is fairly harmless. It just portrays David Furnish’s husband as a concerned husband. That being said, it’s not true at all. For one thing, Elton John and Furnish started dating over 28 years ago, so they’ve had many years to get into an argument.

This story is false at its core. John isn’t just going on tour in 2023; he’s On Tour Right Now. Not only that but it’s his farewell tour. The Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour is going to be John’s last, so he has extra incentive to push himself for his millions of fans. He has recently COVID-19 contractedHe was forced to postpone a few dates.

If Neue Idea didn’t get the basic facts of his touring schedule correct, then how can it be trusted? It just wants to sow drama in a couple where there isn’t any. Earlier this week, Furnish was helping to promote John’s tour on Instagram. If he wants this to end now, then he’s got a funny way of showing it.

Rocketman Myths Abound

Elton John is a common target Neue Idea. It routinely publishes articles about his feuds and misdeeds that don’t have a lick of truth in them. It promised a sequel last June. RocketmanHis feud with Madonna was the central theme of his life. He was once living in financial hell for delaying his world tour. John’s got Lion King money, so he’s doing just fine.

This isn’t even the first time this tabloid has tried to stoke drama between John and Furnish. Last year, it said the marriage was in trouble because Furnish was sick of his husband’s shadow. They did not split up. Furnish got married to a musician, so why would Furnish be mad about touring?

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