Emile Smith Rowe’s latest tattoo was rubbed by wrong numbers.


Emile Smith Rowe of Arsenal has been mocked relentlessly on social media, after his tattoo featured some humorous design errors.

After requesting a large, black ink tattoo on the left tricep, the 21-year old footballer has joined the tattoo craze. The design features some gothic tones with half a clock face and a detailed sketch of a lion inked on Smith Rowe’s arm.

Elbert Carter, tattoo artist, clearly was thrilled to have Smith Rowe as his new client. He posted on his official page captioning the photo with: “Yesterday I got to tattoo @arsenal No. 10 Emile Smith Rowe! Thank you for the trust! Such a great guy on and off the pitch!”

However, his joy could have been turned to despair when two mistakes were pointed out by social media users. In the image uploaded to Instagram, Smith Rowe’s new body art appears to include two embarrassing typos. The design features a clockface that displays 13 hours instead of 12, which is half of the design, as seen in the ‘XIII’The top.

And that is not the only oversight, as it emerged the number four — represented in Roman numerals by the ‘IV’symbol is actually represented by four ‘I’Instead, choose s. It is not as problematic, as some watches include IIII to represent 4, and there have been more toe-curling gaffes with tattoos.

Smith Rowe will have to cover this tattoo permanently unless he changes his mind. It is likely that football fans will not forget it, considering how prominent the tattoo is compared to the rest of Smith Rowe’s bare arm.

LET US HAVE YOUR SAY: Emile Smith Rowe’s latest tattoo is the worst among all footballers’. Comment below.

Emile Smith Rowe poses with his tattoo artist Elbert Carter after his newest design
After his latest design, Emile Smith Rowe is pictured with Elbert Carter, his tattoo artist

One user tweeted: “Emile Smith Rowe with quite possibly the worst tattoo in the history of footballers with too much money. Wonder how players get a reputation for being stupid???”That was further supported by another author, who wrote: “Just seen Emile Smith-Rowe’s new tattoo. Oh dear. *facepalm*”.

Another Twitter user did it again, including Jack Grealish as part of his criticism: “Why did Smith Rowe get Grealish to do his tattoo?”One user, however, was kind and supportive of the youngster. He wrote: “Poor Emile Smith Rowe hasn’t got a chance to show off his tattoo and he’s already getting slated for it”.

The Arsenal playmaker has enjoyed his most productive season in his senior career with 10 goals in all competitions and will be turning his attention to helping the Gunners in their battle to finish in the top four as Mikel Arteta’s side head to the South Coast to face Southampton.

A win would put the north London side just a point behind their rivals Tottenham with a game in hand after their shock defeat to Brighton on Saturday — and that would help Smith Rowe forget his latest blunder.