Emma Thompson’s Joke About Menopause Helps us Normalize It


Emma Thompson isn’t afraid to talk about menopause, even during a speech at an awards ceremony. Thompson actually jokes about menopause in an approach that most women can relate to. It’s about time. It’s time to normalize menopause instead of making it taboo.

Cold Weather and Hot Flashes

As fall weather sets in for many of us in America, we’re just starting to get accustomed to the cold and frigid temperatures. Back in 2014, during a cold spell in the northeast, Thompson didn’t have to get used to the weather. She actually liked the cold temperatures.

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Thompson was honored for her contribution to Saving Mr. BanksThe Award for Best Actress at National Board of Review Gala was presented to her. The actress was not content with the award that night. “It’s such a cold night and it’s the only time I’ve actively been grateful for menopause,”Thompson, 54, made these remarks while delivering her acceptance speech. “I’ve been entirely comfortable.”

The cold temperatures were welcome by the actress as she battled hot flashes. As hot flashes often occur during the menopause transition, Thompson’s joke echoed a collective feeling for many women.

‘I’ve Never Regarded Menopause As A Taboo’

Thompson and other Hollywood stars are now open about menopause. For many years, the topic of menopause was taboo. It is a positive thing that female celebrities are working hard to change this.

Hollywood seems to be paying attention. Thompson was even featured in a movie.Late NightThis movie discussed menopause. While promoting the movie, the actress shared more of her thoughts on menopause and how it’s discussed—and how it is not—in society.

“I’ve never regarded menopause as a taboo. Although, of course, you don’t realize until you mention it. And suddenly everyone goes, ‘Thank god you’re talking about it.’ You don’t realize that it has in fact been sidelined and not discussed because of course it’s something to do with women, who have been sidelined and not discussed for centuries. So as we are coming out, as it were, from this oppression, it’s very interesting to see our reactions to things that we know are there.”

We’ve come a long way in squashing menopause as taboo. Hopefully we’ll continue to see this trend on and off screen.

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