Emmerdale fans are stunned to discover that Andrea’s mum Hazel is a competitor soap


Emmerdale’s Kate Anthony was on Emmerdale to remember her character’s child. She got involved immediately in a confrontation

Emmerdale fans were shocked to learn that Hazel was a major character in the rival soap Coronation Street.

Andrea Tate’s mother, Andrea Tate, visited the Dales to attend her daughter’s memorial service. She left a lasting impression on her fans.

Fiery Hazel was played by Kate Anthony. She confronted Kim Tate and ordered her to not attend the service.

While tension was building on the set, viewers at home soon realized that Hazel had been there before.

Twitter users rushed to share their discoveries that Hazel was also featured on Weatherfield cobbles with Pam Hobsworth.

One fan questioned “Why has Pam from #Corrie turned up?,”while another pointed out that she had been “Kevin Webster’s Stepmother.”

“Familiar face,”A third was added.

Kate, 57, played the wheeler-dealer aunt of Molly Dobbs and fiancée of Bill Webster on Corrie and will be mostly remembered for her money-making scams.

She watched as her niece Molly, and Tyrone Dobbs, her mechanic, strode down to the altar in 2009. This was before Molly discovered that she was having an affair later on with Kevin Webster.

Pam and Bill took a road trip and got back together in the village after Molly was killed in the tram crash.

They split in 2011 and the pair didn’t make it down to the aisle.

Since May 2012, she has not been seen on the cobbles. However, she has appeared in another ITV hit soap.

Kim received some life-changing news from her character on Wednesday’s episode. She informed Kim that Millie would be taken away by her after the memorial, as she is her legal guardian.

Kim was in shock when she learned that Millie had died and Jamie her son were no longer her family.

However, Jamie’s fans believe that Hazel is concealing information about Jamie.

Another fan took to Twitter and wrote: “I think Andrea mum knows Jamie Tate still alive and take Millie to him and wait and see first.”

Another was also agreed to: “Andrea Tate mum knows that Jamie is still alive and take Millie to him”