Emmerdale fans see Marcus’ fate “sealed” in dark twist


Emmerdale fans suspect newcomer Marcus Harris will follow in his father’s footsteps as he pursue’s his relationship with Ethan Anderson.

During Thursday’s (April 28) instalment of the popular ITV soap, the beloved solicitor got vulnerable with the TV hunk as he confessed his feelings for him.

After the star was made to leave the date by the law practitioner, he decided to get back at him and invited him to the Woolpack for a drink.

But viewers couldn’t help but notice how eager Marcus was to get physical as he managed to convince Ethan to share a glass of wine with him at home

Emmerdale fans are convinced Marcus Harris will follow in his father's footsteps
Emmerdale fans believe Marcus Harris will follow his father’s steps.

Ethan and Marcus settled down together on the sofa, and Ethan spoke out about his feelings for Marcus. He also asked Marcus if he would prefer to take things slower.

At this point, adoring viewers of the beloved TV series flooded Twitter to share their opinions on social media.

One user penned: “Marcus will turn out to be just as rapey as his old man, I reckon. # Emmerdale.”

Another was also agreed to: “Marcus is weird. Will he turn out to be a chip off the old block? #Emmerdale.”

The third person chimed in with: “@emmerdale starting to think that the real Marcus is about to start showing his true colours getting a bad vibe!!… [worried emoji] #Pierce2.0 #emmerdale.”

Viewers suspect Ethan is falling into Ethan's dangerous trap
Ethan could be caught by viewers

These suspicions have been raised after Pierce Walter Harris, his father, was sentenced to five-years imprisonment for raping Tess Harris.

Unfortunately, the cruel husband was released from prison two and a half years later but it proved that his years behind bars did little to change his evil behaviour as he went on to murder Rhona Goskirk’s then-boyfriend Graham Foster.

Other viewers also suspected that there was something suspicious about Marcus’ relationship with Ethan.

Fans flooded to Twitter to share their thoughts on their relationship online
Twitter users flooded in to voice their opinions on the relationship and shared their views via Twitter

Another fan of the show said: “Can we fast forward months ahead where Marcus turns out to be dodgy as hell, because I can’t take more boredom with Ethan/Marcus scenes #Emmerdale.”

“Something a bit odd about Marcus, he seems too nice…#Emmerdale,”One fumed.

One user assumed the following: “Vic likes Marcus – so he’s a wrong ‘un then #Emmerdale.”

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