Emmerdale fans work out a big twist with Meena “set to return soon” after exit.


Emmerdale fans have “worked out” a major twist. Some viewers believe evil serial killer Meena Jitla will return to Emmerdale very soon after she exits.

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Emmerdale: ITV teaser: Meena’s trial starts

Emmerdale fans believe they have a major twist that will see Meena back in the Dales shortly after she leaves.

Paige Sandhu plays the evil serial killer. She will appear in court scenes that air on ITV soap this week. Meena faces her pre-trial hearing for the 18 murder, attempted murder, and kidnap charges.

She will be asked if she is pleading guilty to not guilty. Although we don’t know what her plea will be, ITV soap fans are anticipating that Meena will return to the show soon.

“As a villain she didn’t die so whatever happens to her it keeps the door open for a possible return at a later stage,”One fan wrote a tweet naming Paige “Paige” “brilliant actress”.

Another fan asked if she would return to ITV’s soap in October when the show will celebrate a significant milestone, the 50th anniversary. “Please don’t say she will pop up in October during the anniversary week by maybe escaping prison.”

“Oh she’ll go down for a whole life tariff and maybe in two years’ time she will need hospital treatment and go on the run,”A third fan suggested that Meena be included in the program as they talked.

Some fans predict Meena won’t make it all the way to prison.

“Don’t you just know there will be a twist and she will get away with it,”They shared the post online.

Although Meena will not be returning to soap, the bosses have said that Meena will return. “judgement day”Her exit was expected to have a lasting impact on many of the villagers.

“I think it’s fair to say that judgement day for Meena is coming. But whether she’ll get away with murder you’re going to have to wait and find out,”Jane Hudson, executive producer of the film, teased The Mirror in January.

“There are still some more twists and turns to be had in this story. Some that you probably won’t see coming but I think we can all agree that Meena can pretty much do anything.”

She continued: “But yes, Meena’s judgement day is coming. It won’t play out quite as you expect, there will be a lasting effect on a lot of the villagers but I think within the next few months, Meena will get what’s coming with her.”