Emmerdale Meena Jutla’s fate is’sealed,’ while Ian’s job is ‘exposed.


Emmerdale fans predict serial killer Meena Jutla’s fate is “sealed” after police officer Ian Beaker’s real job was “exposed.”

During Monday’s (April 11) instalment of the popular ITV soap, viewers were in for a nail-biting episode as Dr Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) took to the stand to share his experience with deadly murderer.

The psychopath, despite facing 25 charges, pleaded not guilty in the murders of Nadie, Andrea Tate (Ben Tucker), Leanna Cavanagh and Ben Tucker.

She is also charged with the attempted murders Victoria Sugden and Leyla Cavanagh, Vinny Tingle, Vinny Sugden, and Manpreet Sharma.

The criminal, however, was in good spirits when she joined Beckindale’s rest of the court after manipulating a prison officer against the justice system.

Emmerdale fans predict Meena Jutla's fate is 'sealed' after prison officer friendship
Emmerdale fans predict Meena Julla’s fate will be sealed after prison officer friendship

The soap’s viewers speculate that Ian Baker, the prison officer, might not be as naive as she seems.

One user penned: “Does anyone else think ‘Ian’ is an undercover copper getting info on meena # emmerdale.”

Another user asked the following: “Is Ian a double agent? #emmerdale”As they predicted, the prison officer was also faking his love for the criminal.

A third is theorized: “Now I’ve been thinking … Ian the ‘prison officer’ who is actually a police officer who’ll be called as a last minute character witness to wipe the smug smile off Meena’s face, once & for all. The villagers need justice.”

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