Emmerdale newcomer Darcy Grey teases Marcus identity bombshell as fans become suspicious


Emmerdale actor Darcy Grey made his first appearance as Marcus Dean on the ITV soap on Thursday evening but fans have already predicted he could be lying about his identity

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Lorraine: Darcy Grey teases Emmerdale fans about Marcus

Emmerdale newcomer Darcy Grey has revealed there’s more to Marcus Dean than meets the eye following his arrival in the village.

Marcus made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of the ITV soap, and viewers were quick to question if perhaps Marcus wasn’t really Pierce Harris’ son at all.

Appearing on Friday’s Lorraine, actor Darcy hinted that his character might not be who he says he is – but fans will find out soon enough.

The 30-year-old soap star explained to Lorraine Kelly: “”It’s one of those things where it’s such a strong storyline to come into, so you’ve gotta be very careful treading those sorts of waters.

“We’ll definitely find out a bit more about who he is. I think that’s the really lovely thing about Marcus, he’s coming in with this presumption of who he is, but only time will tell exactly who that person actually is,” Darcy teased.

Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale saw Marcus introduce himself to Pierce’s ex-wife Rhona Goskirk, and her friend Vanessa Woodfield.

Emmerdale fans will recall Pierce was sent to prison for raping his wife Rhona on their wedding day, before he returned to the village years later in 2020.

He then killed Graham Foster, Rhona’s boyfriend, before kidnapping Vanessa and little Johnny as well as attacking Kim Tate, all as part of his plan to get Rhona to leave with him.

Pierce was caught and sent to prison again, but Rhona was stunned this week when he made contact with her out of the blue two years on.

In a letter, Pierce confirmed he was seriously ill and was dying – later backed up by the prison when Rhona called them.

As Rhona read on, she discovered Pierce had a secret son, Marcus, and he wanted her to track him down so they could meet before his death.

Rhona tried to find Marcus but then changed her mind, while it was too late and Marcus showed up in the village.

Viewers questioned if perhaps Marcus wasn’t really Pierce’s son at all, and was in on Pierce’s plan to get Rhona to the prison – while others believed he was up to something.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “He already seen his dad and his dad sent him to get her to see [him].”

Another said: “So…..are we going to get a scene at the end of Marcus on the phone to someone acting well suss?? Any bets?”

A third added: “That Marcus is such a set up .. so obvious Pierce has set her up so she will visit him! So Ovs!”

Meanwhile another fan commented: “I don’t trust this Marcus whatever his name is?”

Actor Darcy revealed being a part of the ITV soap is like being part of one big family, saying: “I think everyone that I’ve met so far in Leeds is just absolutely lovely, and it genuinely feels like a massive family and I’m not saying that just to say that.

“It’s one of those things where you know you live in London and everyone’s running around trying to figure their way out and you go up to Leeds and everyone’s welcoming you, handing you coffees and things like that and you think, ‘God I’m not used to this’,” Darcy added.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV and ITV Hub.