Emmerdale spoilers – Liv “will be framed after Ben’s murder”


According to a fan theory, Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty could have been framed for Ben Tucker’s murder.

Ben was found dead at the hands of Dawn Taylor, colleague, reviews Friday’s episode on ITV 1’s long-running soap opera.

Meena Jutla killed him after he discovered he had video footage which could show that he tried to drown Victoria Sugden. His bloodied body was left outside the HOP.

But, the night before his death, he had also been slain by Aaron Dingle’s brother, Liv.

Meena Jutla killed Ben after he managed to keep hold of footage that could incriminate her
Meena Jutla shot Ben to death after he kept footage that could implicate her.

The two of them got into an argument after Ben found out that she was drinking again. He pledged to keep her away Aaron.

He was retaliated by her, and she threatened to take him into custody for breaking into the HOP.

Fans have also expressed concern that Liv will be wrongly arrested and framed as a murder suspect.

One viewer tweeted: “Aaron is going to be devastated! Liv is also going to blamed for this.”

Simon Lennon played Ben Tucker on the show. He was introduced in September 2020 as Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller’s) new love interest.

The rest of his stars have run to bid him farewell.

'Liv is going to be blamed for this', wrote one fan
One fan wrote, “Liv will be blamed for this.”

Simon posted this on Instagram: “And that’s it for Ben in @emmerdale What a whirlwind of a journey. The best year. Thanks so much for all of the love”

He took a selfie in the dressing room and shared it with us. Here he is wearing an Emmerdale jacket that bears his name.

Ash Palmisciano, who plays Matty Barton, wrote: “Ah the nicest lad in the world and a top actor will miss you so much mate, excited for the future”.

Bradley Johnson, Vinny Dingle actor, added: “Miss you pal!! See you soon”

The next episode will air Tuesday night (November 30,).

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