Emmerdale theory suggests Meena is the killer, with secret witness


Emmerdale viewers have speculated about how Meena will be exposed before the courtroom on ITV soap. One theory suggests that she may be confronted by a surprise character.

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Emmerdale: Manpreet says she can’t testify

Emmerale viewers watched Meena Jitla, who caused havoc on ITV’s soap this week, as the actress attended her plea hearing in court.

Meena was eventually charged with her crimes, including attempted murder and murder. Some of the villagers watched.

She pleaded guilty to her initial offenses, but she quickly made it clear that she was not going down without fighting.

She pleaded not guilty to the murders she had committed against her victims, Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

Although she admitted she was guilty of the attempted murder Leyla’s Cavanagh, she also pleaded guilty in the kidnapping of Manpreet Sharma, her sister.

When it came to the rest, she enjoyed staring at those in the gallery and declared her innocence.

Manpreet was in chaos and ended up fleeing from the scene after suffering a panic attack. Leyla and Liam were also horrified.

Manpreet now has to stand for her own testimony against her sister in trial. However, she stated that she couldn’t do it.

Viewers speculate now that another witness will be called to testify against Meena.

Meena was brought to justice after her box of trophy trophies was found. It contained all the victims’ DNA.

Some of them were taken from the crime scene so police believed this was sufficient evidence to prove Meena was the murderer. Meena, however, claimed that she stole the belongings and not murdered the victims.

Fans are therefore curious about whether the evidence in the box will suffice to bring Meena to justice or not.

One viewer theory is that Meena and her claims might be tripped up by a surprise witness also linked with the box.

Noah Dingle found the box several months ago but was unaware of its significance.

He also found Meena’s ring in the box. Leanna took it off of her hand after killing Leanna. Noah did not know that it was Leanna’s until later.

Noah can now place the ring in Meena’s hand, as she has proven that she stole the boxes.

Could this be used again? Will Noah be called upon to testify against Meena’s claims?

One viewer suggested: “Could Noah actually be a potential shock Prosecution witness? Given he can obviously link Meena to Leanna’s ring & testify to how beyond desperate she actually was to get it back.”

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Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7:30pm. A Thursday episode is an hour long.

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