Emmerdale’s Amy Walsh sheds a few tears in the final scenes of Emmerdale as she discusses exit.


Emmerdale fans were worried that Tracy Metcalfe actress Amy Walsh would be leaving the ITV soap, as she teased her future show on Instagram.

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Emmerdale: Tracy leaves Emmerdale with high emotions

Emmerdale Tracy Metcalfe actress Amy Walsh spoke out about her ITV soap and admitted to crying. “real tears”In the final scenes.

Amy is currently on maternity pay, and the character gave up on the show.

Amy and Toby-Alexander Smith welcomed their first child last month. Gray Atkins, the EastEnders villain, was Amy’s first child.

It was thought that the character would be taking a break from the show but Emmerdale stated it was a permanent departure on Twitter.

A montage of her greatest moments in the village was shared by the soap, which said farewell to Amy and the character she plays.

Fans were upset and worried that Amy wouldn’t reprise the role when her maternity leave is over.

One fan posted this tweet: “Aww no way. One of my absolute favourites thought she’d come back. All the best Amy !!!”

Another thought: “Can’t believe she’s actually leaving will miss her.”

A third wrote: “Yeah probably. The way they’ve worded it points to her been gone for good,”Answering a question from another fan: “Is she gone for good?”

Amy seems to have clarified any confusion and hinted that she might be back as Tracy in future.

Amy shared two posts from her Instagram Story and opened up about the experience. “real tears”As she suggested, the exit was ahead of her final scene “for now”.

She shared a picture of her final scene, as well as a message to someone discussing her exit. “Awwwwww! Bye for now Trace,”Emoji for a broken heart

Then she uploaded another picture of the scene, adding: “Actual real tears in the line run saying goodbye to @missmichellehardwick when I’d only just got her back.

“Miss you already beautiful.”

So it would appear as it stands, Tracy will make a return to the Dales in the future with fans accusing Emmerdale’s Twitter of being “Dramatic”.

Tracy’s final scenes aired on Friday night, after she dropped some big news earlier in the week.

She told her family and friends that she was offered a job in Nottingham.

This would require her to leave Frankie’s village, much to her ex Nate Robinson’s dismay and Vanessa Woodfield.

Both characters initially argued with her about her plans to leave, but they eventually came around to the idea of her approval.

Emmerdale is shown weeknights at 7pm on ITV. A Thursday episode airs at 8pm.

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