Emmerdale’s Bernice fear she’ll be killed as Lydia overhears secret chat with Will


Emmerdale resident Bernice Blackstock could be in serious trouble if ruthless businesswoman Kim Tate finds out that she urged Will Taylor to dump her

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Emmerdale: Lydia overhears Bernice and Will

Emmerdale’s Bernice Blackstock is worried that Kim Tate will murder her after she tried to persuade Will Taylor to dump her.

Monday’s episode of the ITV soap saw Bernice attempt to win over Will during an impromptu chat.

The conversation began with a flirtatious exchange as Will told her: “You’re all dressed up.”

“Oh you noticed!” Bernice replied, as Will told her: “Yeah you look like Christmas.”

As the chat continued, Bernice turned her attention to Kim and told Will: “She takes you for granted.”

“So what does that make me? Some rich woman’s toy?” Will suggested as Bernice continued gushing about him.

“I see you will, I see your beautiful soul. We get each other, we’re connected, you deserve so much more

“It’s fate, our paths were meant to cross for a reason. Please Will, end it with Kim, we belong together,” Bernice urged him.

“You two have nothing in common, you don’t even like doing the same things.”

“But she loves me, and I love her,” Will told her, leaving Bernice embarrassed as she quickly walked off.

Later on, Bernice came face-to-face with both Will and Kim and began to panic.

Once Kim headed upstairs for a shower, Bernice asked Will: “You haven’t told her?”

“What do you think?” he replied sarcastically, as she added: “You can’t, not ever! If she finds out, she’ll have me killed.”

“I’ll keep your secret, but from now on it’s probably best that you and I keep our distance,” he told her.

However, the pair had no idea that Lydia was in the other room and heard their entire exchange.

Lydia is already known for being a snitch after she called the police on Liv recently in regards to Ben Tucker’s death.

Will she stick her nose in yet again and tell Kim what she heard? Or will she see it as some sort of opportunity to blackmail Will and Bernice?

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