Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle hits the bottle as he spirals after devastating Kyle twist


Emmerdale spoilers reveal the Dingles will try to rally around Cain, as he locks himself away after recent scenes on the ITV soap

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Emmerdale: Marlon Dingle erupts with anger at Cain

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle spirals next week, and hits the bottle after recent scenes on the ITV soap.

In scenes to air later this week, his young son Kyle runs off after an incident with his father and Al Chapman.

The fallout will see Cain devastated, and reluctant to visit his young son who appears to be living elsewhere in the episodes that follow.

Spoilers for next week confirm Cain struggles with what has happened, and seeks comfort in booze instead of facing up to his problems.

His wife Moira Dingle doesn’t know how to help him, and as she tries to speak with him he ends up locking himself in a room.

Downing booze, Cain stays silent and doesn’t open up until his sister Chas manages to climb into the room through the window.

Realising Cain could do himself some real damage, she reaches out to her brother in a bid to sort everything out for once and for all.

She pulls out another full bottle of drink as they discuss recent events, and she’s soon delivering him a lecture in the hope he will see sense and “snap out of it”.

The siblings are soon discussing happier times as they confide in each other, while the rest fo the clan are helpless.

But will Chas’ words get through to Cain, and will he be able to sort things with Kyle?

It was Cain losing his temper with Al, and their long-running feud, that led to Kyle getting upset and running off.

Al has been using Kyle to get to Cain amid their constant wind-ups towards one another.

They have a history, following Al betraying his daughter Debbie before he messed with Chas and Marlon Dingle, costing them the pub.

The men are at war, but seeing how much it is affecting Kyle will it lead to them calling a truce?

The show’s executive producer Jane Hudson and producer Laura Shaw recently teased what was ahead for the pair, when speaking to The Mirror.

They told us: “Cain and Al’s feud is definitely not offer as you will see. Something will happen which will make these two men have to look at their relationship with each other. There’s definitely going to be an explosive Cain and Al moment.

“I think the viewers will really enjoy it as these two men are constantly at war with each other.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.