Emmerdale’s Meena star hints at epic prison break to ‘take killer revenge on Manpreet’


Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has teased the eventual murder of Meena Jutla’s sister Manpreet as the killer returns to the Dales.

Though Meena is back in the ITV soap to wreak havoc on Billy and Dawn’s Valentine’s Day wedding, it isn’t impossible that she could have another victim in mind altogether, Paige revealed.

And Meena could escape justice entirely, as Paige believes the serial killer could well outsmart the authorities.

Speaking to Silver Screen Beat and other press about the sisterly bond between Meena and Manpreet, she confessed Meena has “regrets” about not being able to kill Manpreet when holding her hostage.

Along with keeping her sister near overdose on drugs, she then tried to poison both Manpreet and Vinny Dingle with toxic van fumes – but failed when Liam Cavanagh broke into the barn to save them.

But would Meena risk freedom to finish the job?

Manpreet’s life is still in danger

Paige said: “I think that she feels a little bit of regret about what’s happened with Manpreet. The one bad thing that’s happened with all this is that Manpreet isn’t in her life any more – and she did want to kill her, yes, but that didn’t happen; Manpreet’s still alive but they’re not talking.

“Manpreet was her best friend and her closest confidant. She’s out there and they’re not talking and that feels wrong to Meena.

“The people that she cares about – she wants to possess them, and she no longer gets to have that with Manpreet. So I think there’s a lot of regret there.”

The actress continued: “I don’t think there’s much anger at this moment – I’m not saying there won’t be further along – and I also think if Meena could have her way she would still do horrible things to Manpreet.

Meena wants to do ‘horrible things’ to Manpreet

“Not because, like, ‘I have to take revenge on her’, as Meena feels about with Billy and Dawn – but because it’s just who she is.”

And as for Billy and Dawn, Paige promised Meena wants to cause “the maximum amount of suffering” as she forces them to choose who should live and who should die.

Paige explained: “To Meena, the maximum amount of suffering is one person dying and the other person seeing it – but I also think Meena has a general plan, but lets the moment take her.

“She likes to be spontaneous and unpredictable – you never know what one person is going to say that will cause a reaction in her.

Meena lets loose with a gun

“So potentially, if she feels like it she might just go, ‘Oh I’ve shot this person because you played the game’ – let’s say it’s Billy and he’s chosen to save Dawn – ‘but Dawn you’re really annoying me I’m just going to shoot you too.’

“There’s always that unpredictability with Meena.”

And this very unpredictability means escaping isn’t out of the question for Meena, either – even if she’s initially caught by the authorities.

Paige spilled: “In my planning of why Meena has come back, I think she decided that she’s most likely going to get caught because everyone knows [what she’s done], but she’s okay with that – because the idea of letting Billy and Dawn get away with everything they’ve done is more horrifying to her than going to prison.

Meena could break out of prison

“So she has gone back with that plan, but as we go along things don’t go to her plan. Things change and mess up.

“I think if she does see an opportunity of being able to get away then she will use it. And because of her confidence and arrogance she believes that she can outsmart anyone – so if she did get caught by the police then she would believe she could manipulate and worm herself out of situations – which she has done in the past many times with the police.”

She added of her feelings for Billy: “Meena isn’t capable of love. Any affection that she had for Billy has completely disappeared and was never really real anyway.

“I think when she falls in love with a man it’s about possession, about control – having their complete attention and getting them to do what she wants all the time.”

Chillingly, she vowed: “Nothing’s gonna stop her now with Billy and Dawn.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV

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