Emmerdale’s Meena star reveals secret boyfriend


Emmerdale’s Paige Sandhu reveals that she has a secret lover.

The ITV soap star confirmed this week that she has a long-term male partner — but didn’t want to give away any more as she hoped to “protect”They are in a relationship.

Meena Jutla is a serial killer played by the actress. She is well-known for keeping her private life secret.

She told the story of a private part of her life that she had kept secret. Sun: “I have got a long-term partner, but I’m not going to talk about him because I just want to protect our relationship. We are sorry!”

Paige was however a lot more forthcoming about her experiences with anxiety, which she reported struggling with before joining the show.

Paige Sandhu has finally revealed that she has a boyfriend — but wants to keep their relationship private
Paige Sandhu has finally revealed that she has a boyfriend — but wants to keep their relationship private

She stated that: “I felt unsafe a lot. Not like someone was going to attack me. I just didn’t feel comfortable, especially around people that I didn’t know.

“It was probably social anxiety, fear of judgement and fear about the future. When I left drama school, I moved back with my family and I became quite reclusive.

“I didn’t leave the house a lot, I had terrible insomnia and suffered from food allergies and intolerances.”

The actress from Doctors revealed that she had been treated for mental illness and received advice from a nutritionist.

The Emmerdale star, who plays Meena in the soap, also opened up about her struggles with anxiety
Emmerdale star Meena, who plays the role of Meena on the soap, also spoke out about her anxiety.

She also stated that speaking to someone can be very helpful in times of anxiety.

Paige, a fan favourite, has confirmed that she will be leaving the soap following the conclusion of Meena’s serial killer storyline.

The actress reflected on her research for her character and said: “I actually read a study about psychopaths – it was in the 70s, and there was a doctor trying to rehabilitate them.”

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