Emmy Rossum’s First Meeting with Angelyne is Too Amazing for Words


How did Emmy RossumShe can embody someone she describes as an “an” person. “enigma”?

The short answer: It took a lot of research, but one incredible dinner.

Rossum stars as Angelyne, the real-life figure who loomed large over Los Angeles in the ’80s—literally, with billboards across the city—in Peacock’s new series of the same name. “She was all anybody could talk about,” Rossum told E! News’ Daily PopIn an exclusive interview “I think she’s absolutely a fascinating icon. She’s the original influencer…the first person to say, ‘I’m going to be famous for who I am, not something that I do.'”

Angelyne’s pink corvette became a celebrity in L.A. but the woman behind it all remained a mystery. “There are so many wild, often very contradictory stories that exist about her,”Rossum stated: “so our show is a very, very unconventional look at all of the different mythologies that are surrounding this trailblazer.”

Rossum began to organize all the stories. Rossum is a fortunately. “nerd when it comes to stuff like this.”