England ace’s ‘£30K blackmail plot’ after bedding trans escort


According to reports, an England footballer was involved in a plot to blackmail during the lockdown.

The international, who is said to have bedded a transgender escort multiple times, was the subject of a blackmail attempt worth £30,000.

Premier League player contacted a pre-op female after finding her profile on an online escorting portal.

He is alleged to have paid her £150 for sex in April of 2021 as they met in a rented city centre flat numerous times.

Although the player thought their meetings would be kept private, she secretly recorded them, saved text messages, and took photos of him outside his car.

It is not clear if he is an international.

The evidence was maintained by the woman in question about her relationship to the footballer

According to Silver Screen Beats, she used the evidence to demand cash from the footballer, and told him to cough up £30k.

The claim is that the England ace was taken to the police, and the trans escort ended up being arrested on suspicions of blackmail in June.

She was questioned about her relationship and the investigation was closed after the player refused to provide a statement.

A detailed view of the Premier League trophy is seen prior to The FA Community Shield Final between Manchester City and Leicester City at Wembley Stadium on August 07, 2021 in London, England.
The Premier League is where the England footballer plays his trade. His club was informed of the blackmail attempt.

According to the report, Premier League players were made aware of these circumstances. His form appeared to have dipped on the pitch.

Silver Screen Beat was told by a source: “The footballer was really worried his name would come out and it would lead to him being abused by fans.

“He just wanted to bury it so despite the efforts of officers, he refused to co-operate, which left them investigating a blackmail plot without a victim.”

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