Enjoy a Cemetery Tour Near you and Take a Walk on the Ghostly Side


Thomas B. Bryan, a Chicago native and real-estate investor, established the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago in 1860 just blocks from Wrigley Field. Bryan Lathrop was Thomas’ nephew and a passionate nature conservationist. As president of the cemetery, Bryan worked hard to enhance its natural beauty. The cemetery features a reflecting pool, unique architecture, art, as well as a ghost or two.

A popular spot to stop during a tour of the cemetery is the tomb of Ludwig Wolff. It was constructed into a mound. Legend has it that Ludwig was so scared of being buried alive that he built a vent to ventilate the tomb. To make it easier for people to hear Ludwig, the ventilation system had bells and whistles. Many residents of the nearby apartment building recall seeing him pacing in front of the tomb.

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