Enjoy some Curated Memes and Wait Out the Hiatus at ‘The Owl House’


We’ve been gone for three months. The Owl House When there’s no ending in sight, it feels like the days go on for a long time. In 2020, the critically-acclaimed and progressive Disney Channel show premiered its first episode. It was renewed for another season of 21 episodes. A third season would have three specials. But the show ended abruptly after 12 episodes. No sign of the show’s re-emergence. How do you solve this problem? Memes!

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The Owl House Young, eccentric Luz Nonceda (SarahNicole Robles) is accompanied by her mother. She strays from her home in the human realm and enters the magical and demonic Boiling Isles. Luz is inspired by Eda Clawthorne, a notorious witch (Wendie Malick), and King, a scrappy little companion (Alex Hirsch), to make the journey to the bizarre and magical realm of the Boiling Isles and train to be a Witch.

Luz and Amity

Source: Disney Channel

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We have enough ‘Owl House’ memes to keep us going.

This Disney Channel cartoon was created. The Owl House There has been a tremendous increase in diversity in children’s programming. It prominently features LGBTQ+ characters in its storylines. Like Steven Universe And Adventure Time The show is a pioneer in diversity and entertainment. The show could continue to do more, if it was only ended.

There is no way to know when. The Owl House It seems that the war will soon end, and it is taking forever to get there. While we wait for more, there are lots of memes to keep us entertained. “Lumity”To sail, ship

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This amusing crossover features fan art that takes cues form ‘Squid Game.

Source: Twitter/ @Powerto_24

Hunter may appear lost, but his redemption makes Hunter adorable.

Source: Instagram/@thegoldenguardd

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This fan artist offers a guideline on how to talk with short, non-binary witches.

Source: Instagram / @lobopanzaverde

We definitely need more “Lumity” in our lives.

Source: ITwitter/@hourlylumity

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Great-Bit Arcade might be able to complete Season 2 if we don’t receive it.

Source: YouTube/Great-Bit Arcade

According to ‘Know Your Meme’, Lego Eda is apparently a thing.

Source: Twitter / @HeyRebeccaRose

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The combination of ‘The Owl House” and old Vine clips seems like the perfect combination.

Source: YouTube / LilianaX

What do you call it? Growth.

Source: Instagram / @theclawthorne

Ah, yes. These are the three genders.

Source: Twitter/@shetheyhatOTD