Epos H6 Pro Open and Closed review: Stunning gaming headsets for console players


Epos have been doing a solid job of late on gaming headsets and these two units are their latest salvo in the ongoing console earphone wars.

The H6 is the firm’s top-of-the-range headset and comes in both a closed ear cup and more open acoustic version.

That basically means you’ll get a more natural real-life noise bleed in your experience when playing for long hours on the open version, with a more digitally internal-only soundscape in the closed.

Both cans are smartly designed in an array of colours, we really liked the navy blue and black ones but the racing green and gold also give you a stand-out look if you’re wanting a visually striking pair for video streaming online.

Sound-wise the Epos really is excellent, with those gunshots, cut scenes and car revs really popping on the ears as you game for hours on end on console hits like Call of Duty Vanguard, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

They look great and the sound is excellent
They look great and the sound is excellent

The audio is striking and really captures what the developers are trying to achieve in a game, by pushing the sound around your ears, giving you a sense of both spacial awareness and depth.

The deep explosion noises rock your gut while the tinnier snaps of a backfiring motor pinch at just the right point no matter what volume you’re playing at.

For those wanting to tinker with the minutiae of the EQ, there’s EPOS Gaming Suite software for the PC.

The microphone, which you swizzle upwards to mute, or simply detach altogether if you don’t want it – is tinny, like most gaming headsets but does the job okay.

They’re versatile too.

The H6’s are a wired-only device – which may put off some gamers wanting the freedom of wire-free play – so they connect-and-play easily to both the Xbox Series X and PS5 controllers in a click, as well as PCs and the Nintendo Switch console direct. There’s no waiting to charge here.

The cans come in a variety of colours
The cans come in a variety of colours

The mic lifts to switch off but you can also remove it
The mic lifts to switch off but you can also remove it

Unlike the cheaper H3 model, there is a much more comfortable padded headband between the two earcups, meaning you’re less likely to feel a pain across the top of your skull after an hours-long online battle.

And the ear cups themselves are extremely well padded, again making them very comfortable to wear.

The ergonomic volume wheel on the right ear cup is responsive and allows for quick audio adjustments on the fly, without the need to hunt out the often cable-sat volume notch on the more traditional gaming headset.

That’s a lovely touch.

It feels high-end too, with the design, padding and plastics used all well built together for the long run and potentially years of play.

The Epos H6 come in at around £150, which is pretty pricey for a gaming headset but the argument here will be quality specs without compromise.

They're really comfortable for those long gaming sessions
They’re really comfortable for those long gaming sessions

Overall, the firm has done a laudable job.

It delivers a strong all-round gaming audio while the headset fits comfortably for long play sessions, looks great in both closed and acoustic styles and is versatile across machines, albeit with a wired connection.

Some won’t like that, or the hefty price tag.

But it is money well-spent if you’re looking for a tip-top gaming headset that works across all fields.