ER Star Developed Serious Back Issues While Playing Doctor With Limp


ERDuring its 15-season run, it was the home of many notable doctors. One notable was Dr. Kerry Weaver (played by Laura InnesFor over a decade, Innes used a crutch to support his limp. Innes had real-life problems with his health due to the fake limp. Here’s what went down.

Paging Dr. Weaver

ERInnes was in the second season of the series when she signed on to play Dr. Kerry Weaver. With 249 episodes, she would be one of the longest-tenured cast member in the series. Weaver was a chief in the ER with an unexplained limp. Innes would win numerous nominations and awards for her role over the course the series. She’d also direct 12 episodes.

Since its conception, the limp has been a part of the character. Innes stated that the limp was part of her character in an interview with Ability magazine. She knew exactly what she was doing.. “when I read for the part, the character was described as having a limp and using a cane. She was written with that intention,” Innes said. John Wells, Executive Producer, apparently observed a doctor using a cane in hospitals and thought it was neat.

Initially, there was no explanation. “They wanted to keep it open, and not have it be something that was an issue,” Innes said. Innes said that it was her idea to have the doctor use a crutch for cuffs. She did this for approximately a decade.

Real Life Death

The truth is that pretending to be a limp for more than a decade can lead to serious health problems. Season 12 saw Dr. Weaver undergo corrective surgery that allowed her to walk without the aid of a cane. Congenital hip dysplasia was the cause of her limp.

Mirror later learned that Innes had told Mirror that this was because her body was beginning to wear down. “My real back was getting screwed up. I got a bone density test and the bottom of my spine is starting to curve on one side from 10 years of raising my hip,” Innes says. She started going to a chiropractor, but wouldn’t need surgery to correct anything. She suffered undoubtedly for her art.

What’s Laura Innes Up To Now?

Innes completed his work in 2020. How to get away with murder. She’s taken to acting in short films, with another entitled DaughteringComing soon. She will be releasing it soon. ER reunion special on Stars in your House.

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