Euphoria’s Newest Episode Makes Us Wish for One Calm Episode


However, Cassie lost all of her confidence at the party. She can only think of one thing: get drunk and tease Nate about her bikini-clad body. And yes, it works for a minute, but it’s not so cute when she begins vomiting in the hot tub. 

As per usual, Nate proves where his loyalties lie by helping Maddy clean the puke off of her body instead of comforting Cassie, who is loudly sobbing at this point. 

Nate returns to Jacob just in time for Cal to come out about his homosexuality after the party has been shut down. It seems that Cal has lost all will to continue living a double life and the only way forward is to be honest about everything. Marsha is told by Cal that he’s lost all desire to continue living a double existence.Paula Marshall) and Nate’s brother Aaron (Zak Steiner) about his hookups, albeit while his d–k is out. 

Cal replied, however, that Marsha, Aaron, and Aaron were obviously shocked. “Here’s the thing: If I told you tonight that I went to a strip club and I picked up a real grade-A piece of ass… You wouldn’t be one-tenth as appalled as you are right now. You wouldn’t be standing here saying, ‘Dad, what are you talking about?’ You’d be like, ‘Dad, don’t say that in front of mom.'”

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