Europe faces ‘Covid winter’New cases are reported across Africa – World News


Europe currently accounts to more than half of global 7-day average infections and approximately half of all recent deaths. This is the highest figure since April last year.

As UK rates continue to fall, a new winter Covid wave could sweep Europe.

As cases rise across Europe, a three-week partial lockdown was initiated in the Netherlands on Saturday.

Experts claim that the UK seems to have avoided a similar peak by easing lockdown restrictions during the summer.

Europe currently accounts to more than half the global average 7-day infected and nearly half the latest deaths.

They are the highest levels seen since April 2001, when the virus was first at its peak in Italy.

Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and other countries are taking or planning to take steps to reduce the spread.

New concerns emerge as flu season and winter months approach, and inoculation campaigns that have been successful are slowing down.

The Netherlands, France, Germany and France are all experiencing an increase in infections.

The Netherlands has implemented lockdown measures that include the closure of restaurants and shops early, and prohibiting spectators from attending sporting events.

Germany will reinstate free COVID-19 testing and a draft law would permit measures such as mandatory face masks or social distancing to continue to be in place until March next year.

Austria’s government is expected to impose a lockdown on people who are not vaccinated.

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