Eurovision’s Sam Ryder is second for Ukraine victory


Officially, the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is over. Ukraine took first place while Sam Ryder from the UK came in second.

Sam Ryder, a TikTok star and singer, led the charge for the United Kingdom. He performed a stunning rendition of his song Space Man.

Millions of Eurovision fans watched as 25 countries competed on the stage, but it was Ukraine who emerged victorious.

With James Newman’s song Embers scoring 0 in the competition, the UK had a lot riding on Sam’s entry. There was hope that his song would win.

Sam Ryder represented the UK in this year's competition
Sam Ryder represented Britain in this year’s competition

Sam stated that, even though the bookies seemed to be rating the song favorably, he did not want to lose heart and enter the competition.

The star said it: “We’re flattered, but it’s just a number, so let’s not get hyped.”

This year’s song selection strategy was very different to previous years, in an effort to avoid the UK being last.

Sam had fans stunned with his electrifying performance
Sam left fans stunned with his electrifying performances

Throughout most of the competition’s history, the UK candidate has been chosen through a televised competition, but last year the BBC enlisted the help of record label BMG.

Ed Millett and Ben Mawson of TaP Music, well-known for their management of artists like Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa, were involved in choosing the winning song.

Ben commented on the UK’s failures in previous competitions. “The bottom line was: why, in the home of some of the most wonderful pop music in the world, are we doing so badly each year?”

The singer previously explained he wasn't focused on winning
The singer stated that he wasn’t focused on winning.

Sam disclosed that he wasn’t focusing on winning the competition ahead of the contest.

He explained: “My personal goal for this is to sing with the same intention that I always sing with, and then come away with the joy that it has given me.

“It’s not like being in an empty space singing. I remember the joy and happiness I felt from that singing.

“If I change my relationship to singing, it’s a dangerous thing because I’m messing with something that has been such an important part of my life.”

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