Eva Longoria Is Championing For Women One Shot Of Tequila At At Time


Eva Longoria seems capable of doing it all. The actress is always busy, whether she’s acting or podcasting or running her own businesses. One of her newest business ventures is more than just a company—it’s a way to connect with her Mexican heritage. 

Longoria’s New Tequila Brand Honors Her Mexican Heritage

Longoria launched Casa Del Sol recently, a Mexican-owned brand of tequila, along with Mariana Padilla & Alejandra Pelayo. The brand offers three different types of tequila: añejo, blanco, and reposado.

“When I joined Casa Del Sol, I was so impressed that it was Mexican-forward, it was about Mexican heritage, it was about honoring the region… and keeping the success there—not just going into this region, exploiting it, and selling tequila over the world,” Longoria said InStyle

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Casa Del Sol has developed close connections with local farmers, distillers and other people involved in the production of alcohol. The brand also uses agave that comes from the area’s Highlands. Every agave plant taken is replaced with a different plant to preserve the region’s biodiversity. 

Casa Del Sol ‘Honor[s] And Support[s] All The Amazing Women Behind It’

Casa Del Sol not only promotes Mexican heritage but also places women in leadership positions. “We have a lot of women in key positions,” Longoria explained. “Tequila’s the number one spirit preferred by women, and yet you don’t see a lot of female tequilas. Not that this tequila is for women, but our master distiller is a woman, which is really rare.”

She continued: “Our CEO of the distillery is a fourth generation tequila maker, first woman to take over the distillery. Our VP of operations is a woman. Almost our entire team are women, and that’s important. [This] is not a celebrity brand, it’s a tequila brand that is Mexican-forward and honoring and supporting all the amazing women behind it, trying to forge a path for themselves in a very macho industry.”

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Longoria said that she hopes to open Casa Del Sol’s distillery to the public, sharing the local distillery workers’ experience with the world. “I take any chance that I get to be an ambassador for Mexico’s food, beauty, culture, and music, but most of all the people,” She shared her story Travel+Leisure. “The people of Mexico are some of the best human beings in the world.” Longoria’s latest business venture is an amazing way for the actress to pay tribute to her Mexican heritage, as well as uplift the voices of other women in business.

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