Eva Mendes Demanding Ryan Gosling To Get Her A Wedding Ring, ‘She Wants It Soon’What is the best way to get started?


Is it? Eva Mendes demanding Ryan GoslingDo you want to propose? According to one tabloid, the long-term partners may finally get married soon. Let’s check in on the co-stars-turned-parents.

Eva Mendes Tells Ryan Gosling ‘Put A Ring On It’What is the best way to get started?

The most recent edition of Life & Style Eva Mendes has reported “pretending that she and Ryan [Gosling] are husband and wife after 10 years together.”After the meeting, we went to the set of The Place Beyond the Pines Mendes and Gosling met in 2011 and they had two daughters together. But despite living together and raising a family, Mendes and Gosling still aren’t married.

Now, after spending quarantine together, Mendes knows she wants to be with Gosling forever — but she wants a ring to make it official. “It took a pandemic for Ryan and Eva to realize that they can face any challenge that comes their way,”A muses from the inside. “And while they’re committed in every way, Eva has been dropping hints about wanting to get engaged. Ryan jokes that they should just get matching tattoos, but she was adamant: She wants a ring, and she wants it soon.”

What’s Going On With Eva Mendes?

While anything’s possible, we seriously doubt Eva Mendes is pushing Gosling to buy a ring. They have been married for ten years and neither one of them is interested in getting married. Mendes as well as Gosling have gone to great measures to keep their love private. We doubt their friends are leaking their secrets to the tabloids.

Mendes is even claimed by the tabloid “dropping hints”Gosling doesn’t know that she wants a wedding ring. How in the world would a random tabloid snitch know something about Mendes that Gosling doesn’t? It’s totally obvious that this tabloid has no insight into their relationship at all. While Mendes and Gosling may decide to get hitched in the future — you can never say never — we’re absolutely certain Star won’t break the news.

The Tabloids on Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

This isn’t the only tabloid to get it wrong about Mendes and Gosling’s relationship. The relationship was first reported earlier in the year. Okay! Mendes and Gosling were secretly married, according to reports. Then Woman’s Day They claimed they were involved in a heated public argument. Even more recently, Okay! The couple reported that they were trying to have another baby. Evidently, these magazines don’t know anything about Mendes or Gosling.