Eva Mendes Supposedly Warning One Of Ryan Gosling’s Co-Stars To ‘Stay Away’Recent Rumors about Her Husband


It is Eva MendesAre you worried about one? Ryan Gosling‘s new co-stars? One tabloid claims Mendes is feeling threatened by a certain actress. Here’s the latest gossip about Mendes and Gosling’s relationship.

Eva Mendes ‘Keeping An Eye’ On Ryan Gosling?

This week Life & Style Eva Mendes has expressed concern that Ryan Gosling will be working alongside Margot Robbie at the film’s highly anticipated live action Barbie movie. Gosling is set to star as Ken to Robbie’s Barbie, and sources say the casting decision is setting off alarm bells for Mendes. “Eva is keeping an eye on him and his new co-star,”Insider recipes “Their chemistry is off the charts, and Eva can’t help but be jealous.”

Mendes, apparently, has started to show up unannounced on set to ensure nothing is wrong. “While Ryan always seems surprised, he also doesn’t sweat it,”The tipster takes note. But things aren’t so friendly between her and Robbie. “Eva told Margot to stay away from Ryan between takes on set,”The snitch whispers. “Deep down she knows there’s nothing to worry about—Ryan is devoted to her and Margot is happily married—still Eva isn’t taking any chances.”

Eva Mendes ‘Jealous’ Of Margot Robbie?

This report is nothing but a stereotypical, insulting look at a very private couple. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes do their best to keep the details of their personal lives out of the spotlight, so it’s laughable that the tabloid pretends to have this much private information about their family. Mendes as well as Gosling are both professional actors. Mendes knows what goes into the job, so we’re sure she isn’t worried about Gosling straying.

The most striking thing about the magazine is its disregard for Robbie’s marital status. Robbie is in a loving relationship. Tom Ackerley, a filmmaker, has committed to a marriage—who’s actually working on the Barbie Film is what the magazine is so worried about.

However, tabloids love her to be portrayed as a seductress and scheming sexy who loves to romance all male actors she works with. From Brad PittAccording to Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson the magazines believed Robbie was with every man in Hollywood. However, in six years of marriage, there is no reason to believe Robbie has ever left Ackerley.

More Nonsense from The Tabloid

We know better than to believe anything Life & Style writes. Back in 2018, the same outlet peddled rumors that Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie’s “on-set chemistry”It was causing problems in her marriage. Also, the publication claimed Eva Mendes wanted Ryan Gosling proposing to her. Clearly, Life & Style doesn’t really have any insight into any of these celebrities’ personal lives.

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