Eva Mendes Tears: Heartbreaking Mother’s Day News About Mom


Eva Mendes shared an update on her mother’s health during a stop on Today with Hoda & Jenna Friday Mendes was a little giddy when she revealed that her mother is “not doing too well.”The Hitch Star, 48, also talked about raising her daughters Esmeralda (7, and Amada (6, respectively) with Ryan Gosling.

Since Friday’s Episode of Today Hoda Koutby, the co-host, dedicated an hour to Mother’s Day and wished Eve Pere Suarez Mendes, her mother, a Happy Mother’s Day. “She’s not doing too well right now, so, means a lot to me,” Mendes said. “She’s a survivor in every way, thank you.”

Mendes didn’t discuss her mother’s condition further. She spoke instead about her journey as a mother and the love she had for Gosling, 41. While filming, the two met. The Place Beyond the PinesThey were married in 2012, and they have been together eversince.

“Something really crazy happened,”Mendes mentioned that she hoped to become a mother in her 40s. “I met Ryan Gosling, I fell in love with Ryan Gosling, and then I was like ‘Oh right. I want your babies.'”She said that she was a great cook. “really consciously”She wanted to wait until she was old to have children.

“I just didn’t feel… really it wasn’t until I met Ryan and fell in love,” Mendes said. “But also as a woman, I just wasn’t ready. It’s such a personal choice for a woman, obviously. Then you run the risk of… you’re always running a risk. When I was pregnant there was always something to worry about. But thankfully I had really healthy pregnancies and I was happy I waited.”

Mendes has made similar remarks in the past. An April 2019 interview with Mendes Women’s HealthShe said that she didn’t see herself as a mother before meeting Gosling. “It was the furthest thing from my mind,”She replied. Gosling then said. “happened… I mean, falling in love with him. Then it made sense for me to have…not kids, but his kids. It was very specific to him.”

While Gosling has continued starring in movies, Mendes left acting behind in 2014 after appearing in Lost RiverGosling directed the film. But she is now working on other projects. After her appearance on TodayShe Returned to Instagram to promote Skura Style?, “smart”She also co-owns sponge business.

On TodayKotb then asked her if acting was something she missed. She admitted she didn’t miss Craft Services and joked about it. However, she did open the door to her return. “I think that’d be fun at some point. But I think my list has gotten so short. I don’t want to do anything violent, I don’t want to do anything sexual,”She told Kotb. “I’m like, ‘What’s left?'”

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