Every Tom Cruise Movie that’s currently streaming


Tom Cruise helped reinvigorate the box office again this weekend thanks to the eye-popping success of Maverick: Top Gun. Cruise is now 40 years old and has made many movies that have helped him achieve superstardom. Paramount+ streaming available. That includes the original Top GunParamount made the inscription ‘Paramount 1986’.

Maverick Reports show that the film grossed $160.5 million in just four days. Variety. It is now the most significant Memorial Day appearance in history, surpassing Disney’s. Pirates of the Caribbean at the End of the WorldThe company opened with $153million. It is a good thing that it has this amount. Maverick The film was released in North America at 4,732 cinemas.

Cruise’s stardom was also demonstrated in the new film. Maverick grossed $139million in foreign markets, making it more than $300 million internationally. Maverick This is also Cruise’s first movie to earn over $100,000,000 in its opening weekend. War of the WorldsCruise’s most successful opening, with a $64 Million weekend in 2005, was this movie. Now that you have satisfied the desire for speed, here are some other Cruise movies on Paramount+.

Taps (1981).

Taps This is Cruise’s second movie, after he appeared in a cameo part inEndless loveThe following was released a few months prior to this one. However, TapsThis movie features Cruise’s first big role as Cadet Captain Alex Dwyer. Timothy Hutton, fresh from his success in Ordinary People. Taps The film was inspired by a Devery Freeman novel about military school students who take control of the school to stop it from closing. Ronny Cox and Sean Penn also appear in the film.


Top Gun (1986)

(Photo: Paramount Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

However Top GunParamount has made it available on streamers before, but Paramount wanted to make sure that it is available to stream on its platform. Maverick‘s release. While the success is Risky Business Cruise was a star (streaming on HBO Max). Top Gun It was clear that he could lead a blockbuster. The film became such a cultural phenomenon that it was possible to make a sequel 36 years later.


The Color of Money (1986).

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While Top GunCruise’s biggest movie of 1986 was “The Greatest Movie,” but he also starred as the star in Martin Scorsese’s highly acclaimed sequel. The Hustler, The Color of Money. It is perhaps best known for helping Paul Newman to win the much-delayed Oscar. Cruise’s performance as Newman’s young pool hustler is electric.


Mission: Impossible

(Photo: Paramount)

Five out of six Mission: ImpossibleMovies are available online Paramount+As of the writing. J.J. Abrams will be the only one not there. Mission: Impossible IIIShowtime now has the movie “The Killing” The next movie is Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part OneThe film, will be released 2023.


War of the Worlds (2006)

Cruise was reunited with Cruise in 2005 Minority ReportSteven Spielberg will star as H.G. Welles’ War of the Worlds. Cruise was praised for his performance in the film but has not worked with Spielberg ever since.


Tropic Thunder (2008)

Anyone who was able to see Ben Stiller’s performance? Tropic ThunderYou may have seen the movie when it was released. But you will not forget the shocking revelation at the film’s end that Cruise played the rude studio executive. He is remembered for his role as Les Grossman in the movie. Tropic ThunderThese characters feel completely different a decade later. This character was loosely inspired from Scott RudinThis joke was about a man who treated people with disrespect and acted out in real life. Last year, many employees spoke to The Hollywood Reporter His abusive behavior eventually led him to quit his screen and stage productions.


Jack Reacher (2012)

Cruise was seen desperately looking for another franchise in 2010 Jack ReacherLaterThe Mummy. Cruise made only two films about Jack Reacher, despite Lee Child’s dozens of novels. Jack Reacher(2012) Jack Reacher will never go back (2016). The casting of Cruise as Reacher was controversial because he did not fit the description of the character. Cruise received Child’s endorsement in 2012. Eventually, though, In 2018, Child agreed with his fansCruise was not right for the role. Reacher is played by Alan Ritchson in the Amazon Prime Video series, which debuted in February.