“Everything I eat tastes like poo. Doctors can’t help me.”


A woman claims she has a strange syndrome that makes all her food taste weird. “sewage” – and it is ruining her life.

Natalia made a TikTok Video on her @hannahbakedOn Monday, November 15, she gives her account and describes the terrible daily struggle she faces just to eat a small amount of food.

Natalia struggles to speak through her tears. “I don’t think anyone understands how much this affects your daily life.

“It’s not that foods taste bad.”

She says: “Imagine the worst smell that you’ve ever experienced in your entire life. It’s not just bad, it’s everything. It’s everything.”

Natalia says she is suffering every day
Natalia states that she is constantly suffering

Natalia then speaks of her terror that she will not recover – quoting research that says most people get better by three months.

She screams, “Sobbing” “I am on month 10. And the one doctor that said he’d seen this before… after I went from doctor to doctor… that doctor told me if it didn’t improve within a year there was a chance I won’t ever get better.

“There are still two months to go and I don’t know when it will end.”

Natalia says she now has a severe eating disorder and anemia due to the condition because “It’s not that everything tastes bad; it tastes almost like sewage.

Natalia talks about the serious health implications
Natalia discusses the serious health implications

She was suffering from severe symptoms, including vomiting up bile and gastritis.

Natalia says: “There is no research, there is no cure, there is no… there is just hoping…”

“I had a breakdown the other day because I realised how disabled I’m going to be for the rest of my life.

“I’m malnourished and can’t eat.”

Natalia, whose symptoms developed after catching Covid, then begs people to wear a face covering and says she is “Never again will it be okay”.

The video was watched more than 5 million times and there was an outpouring of support for the college student.

One person commented: “This is because people don’t realize that recovering from Covid and surviving Covid are two different things.”

A second viewer tried to reassure her, writing: “I’ve lived with it almost 2 years. Every year, your nerves will regenerate and it will disappear!”