Everything We Know About John Candy’s Widow


The world was shocked when John Candy died in 1994. The Candy was a beloved figure in the hearts of many. Planes, trains, and automobiles He was a star on screen and joined a long line of celebrities who died too soon. Rosemary Margaret Hobor, his 29-year-old wife, and Jennifer, his children, Christopher and Christopher Hobor, are his survivors. Here’s what we know about Hobor and her life since her husband’s tragic passing.

Her early life

Rosemary Margaret Hobor, a Canadian citizen, was born in Toronto on August 30, 1949. Candy, who was also raised in Toronto, is one year older. It’s believed Hobor attended Notre Dame High School in Toronto. NDHS, an all-girls sister school of Neil McNeil Catholic School, is where Candy went to school. However, it doesn’t look like anyone has been able to confirm whether or not NDHS is Hobor’s alma mater.

Candy Hobor had already followed her passion for the arts before she met Candy. She studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design from 1969 to 1973. In 1997 she went back to school at Brentwood Fine Art School. We know very little about Candy’s life before she married. She prefers to show her art than her personal life as an artist.

Some internet rumors suggest that Candy and Hobor were high school sweethearts. According to a 2016 interview with The Hollywood ReporterThis is false. “They met on a blind date,”Their daughter was the one to reveal. “They went out on a date and enjoyed each other, and then my dad reached out to Mom asking if she could help him type out a script.”

John Candy and She shared 15 years of wedded bliss

Hobor became a household name when she married John Candy, an up-and-coming actor. Jennifer, the daughter of the newlyweds, was welcomed by them less than a decade later in February 1980. This was the time when, According to her website bioHobor opened her own studio in Toronto.

Before starting a family with Candy, she’d traveled the US and Canada, showcasing her art in various workshops and studios. It seems that she has settled down for a while since becoming a mom. Candy and Hobor welcomed Christopher into the world in September 1984.

From that day on, the family became inseparable. Candy traveled with his family to film locations with his wife and children. There are many. Candy and his children photosOn various movie sets. Just as the actor’s parents did, Candy and Hobor raised their children in the Catholic church.

John Candy Died Of A Heart Attack In 1994

Candy was killed on March 4, 1994. The New York Times reported the actor’s cause of death was a heart attack in his sleep. Candy was exposed to many risk factors that contributed to his tragic death. First and foremost, Candy’s family had a history of heart disease. Only 35 years old, Candy lost his father to a heart attack.

Christopher has insisted that his mother was a rock for his family after Candy’s death. “One of the things she taught us is that you have to go with the feelings. People are going to grieve differently,”He told the story The Hollywood Reporter.

Both Christopher and Jennifer followed in their father’s footsteps and have had steady acting careers for over a decade. However, they’ve confirmed that their mother has never had any desire to appear on the screen. “It’s just not her thing. My father was the one who was in front of the cameras,”Christopher shared. Hobor has never been in a relationship with a public figure or remarried.

She is a respected artist in her own right

Rosemary Margaret Hobor has been a respected member of the ceramics and art communities despite being forever attached to John Candy. She’s showcased her work in various cities including Toronto, Chicago, and Los Angeles. During the pandemic, she participated in several virtual shows.

Her work can be viewed at her Santa Monica gallery. RoseCandyArtist.com also features art pieces she sells. According to her websiteShe is launching a new show for 2022’s holiday season.

Finally, it should be noted that, while it’s unclear if she ever had an official name change, she refers to herself on social media and in her professional work as “Rose Candy,”A delightful name that honors her late husband and her kids. While John Candy’s widow has certainly shown resilience in her ability to raise her children as a single mother and to keep her artistic passions alive, it’s clear she still carries her late husband’s memory with her to this day.

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