Everything We Know About Jonathan Van Ness’ Husband


Jonathan Van Ness’ website describes him as “a true multi-hyphenate.”He is a celebrity, TV host and stand-up comic. “an HIV+ non-binary truth-teller.”

Even though Van Ness—also known by his initials, JVN—has a hectic life crammed with activities and pursuits of many kinds, he still finds precious downtime to share with a very special someone: his spouse, Mark Peacock. Here’s the scoop about this fascinating couple.

Who is Mark Peacock?

Mark Peacock is a ceramicist, fitness enthusiast and was born in London. However, he now resides in Austin. Peacock posted on Instagram that 2020 would be a year of significant personal changes. They were all positive, thankfully.

He took up stakes in England to settle in the United States. “re-discovered”An affinity for gardening led to him marrying Van Ness, his love of life.

Peacock has also been a model. His jaw-droppingly smooth torso graces the cover of Men’s HealthAmong other things.

They met in London in 2019

They met in a casual, but romantic way. Van Ness had been on a London comedy tour in 2019, when he met Peacock. He planned to bring his aunt and mother along with some friends to Amsterdam after the tour was over.

Van Ness claimed that he was considering asking Peacock if he could come along but decided to hold off, feeling it was premature to invite someone who he only knew for so short a time to go on a trip such as this.

Van Ness soon realized, however, that Peacock had made a significant impact on his life. He didn’t seem like just another date. Van Ness said “something about Mark felt different, and I’m sure he felt the same.“ It seemed from the outset as if the two were destined to be with each other.

Van Ness also said the next year was exceptional, just like Peacock. In fact, he posted on Instagram that “2020 was a year unlike any other.”Van Ness supported the political campaign trail and ended his comedy tour far from home in Australia and New Zealand. He also connected with people virtually at the peak of the pandemic. He secretly married his wife. “best friend,”Mark Peacock.

Peacock came to America to live with Van Ness. In a moving Instagram post, Peacock acknowledged the fact that Van Ness was his first love. “pain and sorrow”The pandemic caused by the flu epidemic claimed that approximately 1.2 billion people worldwide experienced it in 2020.

Peacock sent his sincere well-wishes and best wishes to them all: “I sure do hope some of the love I’ve found this year can make its way into the world in 2021.”

They share a lot of their lives together with furbabies and gardeners.

Van Nesss and Peacock created a home that is filled with calm domesticity. Pablo, a Jack Russell terrier named Pablo, was adopted by the couple. He lives with them along with four cats. They keep chickens as well, with Lady Dorothea being the grandest. Peacock designed a beautiful wooden coop for them to live in.

Van Nesss, Peacock and others enjoy growing vegetables. They were able to grow some large pumpkins in 2022, and sweet potatoes 2021.

Jonathan Van Ness is an exceptional individual with a wide range of talents that he shares with the public via styling clients’ hair, appearing on TV, writing books, and performing his comedy act.

He has carved out a personal life anchored by his fulfilling relationship with his husband, Mark Peacock, who shares many of Van Ness’ passions, especially for animals and gardening.

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