Everything We Know about Robyn Moore Gibson’s life


Mel Gibson is a familiar face in Hollywood. This is due both to his movies as well as his public controversies. His private life, including his romantic relationships, is equally well-known. We know a lot about Robyn Moore Gibson, his first wife.

Her early life

Robyn, like Gibson is Australian. They met in 1977, in Adelaide, Australia. Gibson was still struggling as an actor, while Robyn was working as a nurse in the dental clinic. They lived together for a while to save money on rent. Then they started dating and fell inlove. 

Relationship with Mel Gibson

They were just 24 years old when they tied the knot. Gibson was still working hard to make it big in Hollywood, but Robyn continued her work as a dental nurse. They welcomed their first child, Hannah, that year. 

Christian and Edward were born two years later. They had more children quickly: William was born in 1985; Louis in 1988; Milo in 1990; and Thomas in 1999. 

She supported Gibson Through Thick and Thin

The couple had their fair share of ups, and downs. Gibson’s struggles with alcoholism almost ended his burgeoning acting career in the ’80s. Gibson was struggling to accept the fact that his Hollywood success meant greater pressure to perform and less privacy. 

Gibson did not clean up his act until Robyn threatened that he would leave. The actor joined Alcoholics Anonymous in 1991, and he credited her with helping him keep his life—and their family—together. 

“The whole relationship thing is tough, any time. I’ve been married for 22 years and people don’t go that far these days. It doesn’t happen,”He spoke to the Evening Standard 2002 “You’re going to get ups and downs and you’re going to get days when you really want to strangle each other. That is just going to happen. It doesn’t matter who the other person is. You just have to adapt and give and take and receive and give. So you might as well stay where you’re at and figure it out.”

He continued, “Every time that happens and you go through a dry spell—and in 22 years that happens a lot—when you come out the other side you’re just so much better at it. It’s just experience. People throw in the towel on relationships far too early.”

They decided to split after his drunk driving arrest in 2006

However, Gibson’s continued struggles with drinking led to the eventual breakup of the marriage. The actor was also arrested in 2006 for drunk driving. Robyn and he announced their separation one month later. 

Robyn filed for divorce in 2009 The split wasn’t finalized until 2011, and The details of the suitMany were shocked. Due to the absence of a prenuptial agreement, the divorce was one the most costly celebrity splits in history. 

Gibson had to pay Robyn 50% of his net worth, which was approximately $450 million. He also had to pay half his residual income from films to his ex-wife for the rest his life. 

Following the couple’s divorce, Robyn continued to support Gibson. Oksana Grigorieva (his then-girlfriend) accused him of domestic abuse in 2010. Robyn made a sworn declaration for her ex, stating, “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during, or after our marriage.” 

She has invested her wealth in Malibu Properties

So what did Robyn do with all that money. She’s invested in real estate. Robyn bought a Malibu house that was destroyed in the Woolsey wildfire 2018 and a cliff-top property that sold for $17.5million shortly after her divorce. 

In 2014, she purchased another Malibu home from Susan Disney Lord (Disney heir). Robyn bought the house for $18 million. By 2021, the house was reportedly on the market at $32million. 

Gibson and Robyn’s relationship struggled to move past his issues with substance abuse, but it looks like the former husband and wife remain on amicable terms these days. 

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